Friday Night Lights
I Think We Should Have Sex

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Sometimes I Like a Little Puddin'

Crackling fire, Julie cozy in Matt's arms on the couch. Matt stirs and catches sight of the clock. "Hey, uh, Jules, it's kinda um..." It's 1:30 in the morning. Julie jumps up, panicked, and we cut to them pulling up in front of the Taylor house. Julie tells Matt to kill the lights. Why kids think their parents will be sleeping soundly when they're three hours late for curfew, I will never know, but I know every time I did it -- every. single. time -- I thought I had a chance of sneaking into my room without them realizing. Once again the moral is: kids are stupid.

They pause at the curb while Julie rummages for her keys. Matt asks if he should walk her to the door, and she asks if he's kidding. "My dad's gonna kill you if he sees you." Julie keeps rummaging distractedly until Matt blurts, "Julie, I love you." She stops and stares and says, "Uh, what?" She stutters and then says, "Uh, me too. I love you, too." She gets out of the car with a sweet smile toward Matt, but as she walks away from the car in slow motion, the sweetest smile is the one she sort of makes to herself, like this is some very unexpected data that makes the experiment even that much more exciting.

Inside the house, Tami and Eric stare off into space, completely crazy-faced. Julie comes in the door, Tami jumps up. Coach just demands, "Are you alright? Are you alright?" Julie says she is and then before anyone can say anything else she launches into it: "I'm sorry, I know I'm late, and I should've called....but I was with Matt and we fell asleep and...nononono, nothing like that happened, nothing that you're thinking happened, I swear to you guys, that nothing happened." Tami just looks at her daughter in silence. Julie says good-night and comes forward for a hug from her mom. The two women cling to one another for a moment, and as Julie pulls away, she says, "Thanks for the talk." Tami just nods, Julie looks sheepishly at both her parents and then turns to go to bed. Tami turns around to her husband, whose hair just sort of faints away and falls back in a teenager-induced stress-swoon.

Church. Preaching. Matt looks around and catches the eyes of the Taylors, Julie with a slight smile, Tami and Eric burning fire with their eyes at him. Buddy clasps his wife's hand. Out in the land of the Godless Sluts, Tyra's mom drives her daughter down the road while Tyra chatters on about getting a paper and looking through the want ads or maybe going to see a movie. It is a grey, grey, rainy morning. Angela looks dead-eyed. She swerves the truck unexpectedly and zooms into the church parking lot. Tyra tries to keep her mom from doing this, but Angela rushes out and marches toward the congregation gathered outside the church, chatting after the service. She beelines toward Buddy and slaps him across the face and calls him a lying son of a bitch before Tyra can grab her and pull her away. The Godly Non-Adulterors look on in complete horror (Julie gathering yet some more data) as Tyra pulls her mom back to the truck, whisper-shouting to her, "What were you thinking?!" Pam Garrity runs off in shock and embarrassment, Lyla follows her mom, Buddy calls after his wife.

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Friday Night Lights




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