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I Think We Should Have Sex

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Sometimes I Like a Little Puddin'

At Applebee's, Buddy and Coach sit at the bar and enjoy some riblets (presumably). Buddy broaches a terrifying subject. He asks Coach if they are friends, and Eric, funnily enough, pauses before answering, "Uh, sure." Buddy says that he has "strayed outside my marriage" and then starts to explain the sordid ordeal, she wants more than he can give, et cetera. Coach interrupts and says "Uh-uh, uh-uh" and insists that he doesn't want to know who it was or any of the details. Buddy continues to want to provide those details. Specifically, that Tyra's mom "is a wildcat." GOD. "You know how it is," Buddy tells Coach, and like a real man, Coach responds, "No, Buddy, I don't know how it is!" Buddy asks for advice, and Coach gives it to him: tell the woman it's over, go home and take care of your family. Coach gets up, grabs his jacket, and then seethes at Buddy, "I'm gonna let you cover the bill." Buddy is left with his glass of whiskey, at Applebee's, some other party's birthday balloons floating behind him. Depresso.

In the drugstore, Landry and Matt stand before the condoms. Which are all labeled "Inconceivable." Ha! Is this why Texas is full of barefoot and pregnant types? Because they done got different style condoms down thar? A kind that one can't mentally pronounce with out saying it in a Wallace Shawn voice. Landry reads off all the different types ("Endure," "Elasticon," (heh) "True Fit") that Matt could get, declaring that they "can rule out mega." Shot of Tami Taylor around the corner trying on some sunglasses. Yoips! She catches a glimpse of the boys, and we hear Matt begging Landry to just let him pick a pack before he dies of embarrassment. They do and walk off, Tami walks over to where they were and confirms that they were indeed in front of the enormous condom display. Meanwhile, Tami looks so hot in her jeans that lesbians everywhere spontaneously conceive. Talk about sex education!

At home, Tami sits with her hand marking a place in a book, but she's staring off into space, gazing at the pictures of little girl Julie that line the mantel. Julie comes home and starts heading down the hallway to her room. Tami jumps up and launches right into it. The camera is in front of Julie so we see the girl's face, her mother calling after her from behind: "I saw Matt Saracen buying condoms today." Julie stops short, her face stunned. She tries to play dumb, but Tami tells her that he was either buying them for her or for somebody else. "Think you'd better come talk to me." Julie turns toward her mother and just says "Okay" and shrugs. Tami asks if they are having sex. Julie says no, then pauses and looks down while she says, "We're thinking about it." Tami nods and nods and repeats "You're thinking about it." Her face doesn't give much away right now, but as she starts asking her daughter Sex Ed 101 questions -- "Are you thinking about pregnancy? Are you thinking about sexually transmitted diseases?" Julie is all "Um, hello? Like that is why he was buying condoms?" Tami scrambles a bit as she snarks at her daughter for thinking that buying condoms makes you ready "to make love." Julie can't suppress an embarrassed grin at the usage and she repeats with horror, "Making love?" aaaaand start Emmy clip now ["WORD." -- Joe R]:

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