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Connie Britton raises her voice in absolute parental abandon, it sounds loud and warbly and absolutely terrified, "Don't you smirk at me, I am VERY. UPSET. You are NOT allowed to have sex! You are FIFTEEN years old!" Julie looks down again and wonders what the big deal is. "It's just one body part going into another." Tami, calmed a bit after her outburst, tells her that it isn't just one body part going into another, and Julie saying that it is "makes me real clear that you are not ready for this. And I need you to be able to hear that. I need you to be able to hear me say that to you." Julie tells her mother that she's listening, which, frankly, for a fifteen-year-old to say that to her mother at ALL, let alone in the context of a sex talk, pretty much means that Tami apparently possesses the golden key of wisdom. Tami continues, giving an honest account of what is really at stake for a smart girl who most likely already has the whole "protection" angle covered: "You can be hurt, and you can be degraded. You can become hard, and cynical, and I don't want that to happen to you." Her voice cracks as she lists these possibilities. Tami tells her daughter that sex is special and is for people who are in love, "and you can wait." Long pause. Tami tells Julie that she wants her to be able to talk to her about it and Julie says, "Okay, we're talking, right?" Long pause. Tami brings her hands to her face, smiles ruefully, and then approaches her daughter and hugs her. The camera pans in on Julie's fingers slightly caressing her mother's side as she hugs her back. That detail is gorgeous. On one hand, it's childlike, the little baby caressing a comfortable figure; on the other, it's totally adult-like, the grown child comforting a hurting parent. Tears! Tears, Idle Tears!

The football players file out of the locker room on their way to practice. Julie leans against the building and catches Matt as he comes out. She tells him that her mom saw him buying condoms. Zach Gilford's reaction shot is perfection. He's clearly thinking "witness protection." His first question is whether Tami told her husband, Julie assures him that she didn't, though you can tell this is a bigger deal to Matt than Julie. His second question is an assumption that they won't be having sex now. Julie: "No, we're gonna do it. I just don't understand what the whole hysteria is over losing your virginity." Matt tells her that he got Bradley's lake house for their rendezvous, and Julie is immediately, yup, a bit hysterical over the prospect of Bradley and the whole team knowing. Matt tells her that Bradley won't tell, that he promises nobody will know, and Julie nods trustingly. Another sign that you aren't ready to have sex? Ever believing that the whole team doesn't know.

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