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Austin bar. Despite cranky Austin ex-pat opinion to the contrary, I'm pretty sure they are in Casino El Camino. Though it's hard to tell since that bar is usually only lit by the light of one firefly butt, while the one on screen looks like it's at least got 45 watts working for it. In any case, lots of novelty piercings in the house. Jason talks to Susan about his accident, saying that the minute the ball left his hands he knew it wasn't good. The rest of what he says is what we already know. Susan is a sucker for a sob story, and she tells him that if it were her, she'd spend her whole life wondering "why?" Jason is truthful and says that there is a lot of that, and that everything he ever did to try to answer that question didn't work. And that now he's ready to get rid of the anger. Herc wheels up and spits (literally), "Hey! After School Special!" and then tells Jason that the bar has the best jukebox in the city, which's time for a dance party. And then, Jason does something that quite possibly might make him dead to me forever. He reacts to this proposition snarkily. Listen, pal, if you aren't part of the dance party solution, you are part of the world's problem. Susan asks if he wants to get out of there, and he agrees.

They go to her tattoo shop, True Blue. Cut to Jason flipping through some of the designs. He asks what one is, and Susan answers, "That's the Chinese symbol for 'wealth.' It's also the Chinese symbol for 'douche.'" Heh. My thoughts exactly. Jason asks if there is a Chinese symbol for "cripple" and Susan declares -- please note this, because it will become important in a moment -- "No Chinese symbols!" Then she adds, "No barbed wire, no naked ladies" and tells him she's looking for something for him. I know! The Tasmanian Devil? Cuz he's whimsical and badass at the same time? Gosh, there are SO MANY ways to go wrong in a tattoo parlor. Jason asks her about a design hanging at her station and she says it's the wallpaper from her grandmother's house. He asks if they were close and she responds, "No! She was a bitch on wheels and everyone was glad when she died." Sentimental but not cloying this girl. She finally finds the design she was looking for. Not no Chinese symbol, neither. Nope, what she's picked out for him is...Sanskrit. Saying "Peace." Gun. To my head.

Grey morning at the Playgirl Ranch. The house is a wreck. Tim comes out bleary-eyed and his dad asks him from the couch, "How ya feelin' buddy?" What a gross relationship. Tim goes outside and rummages around their junky shed/garage/slash trash pile. He finds the camera and brings it inside to show his dad. Who immediately acts like a four year old and swears he was going to take it back, "I swear." Tim tells his dad to get out. Daddyshack gets up and tells Tim to watch "how easy this is." Ouch. That is really mean. He leaves.

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