Friday Night Lights
I Think We Should Have Sex

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Sometimes I Like a Little Puddin'

Evening. Matt drives up to the lake house, turns on the lights and sees that it is full of dead, stuffed animals and, also, is filthy. He starts cleaning up. Cut to Julie in her bathroom in a robe, with total Sex Hair (my friend asked whether she was planning on floating on a shell later that night), putting her make-up on. She lets out a big sigh as she looks at herself in the mirror. Back in the cabin, Matt waits on the couch. Julie comes to the door and, at the threshold, tells him she needs to be home by eleven, "so we should get right down to the sex, right?" Matt is just slackjawed. Julie chirps, "Good!" The girl wasn't kidding when she talked about controlling the situation.

Coach is "looking" for something. I put "looking" in quotes because it seems whenever my husband is looking for something, what he is really doing is "looking" for something. Anyway, he's rummaging around the bathroom for the aspirin. He pulls out a plastic bag and brings it out with him. He asks Tami if she is planning something special for the night, and before she turns around, she jokes that she's cooking him dinner and if he gets rid of his headache he might get lucky. But when she turns around, Coach is holding up a leopard thong demanding to know if those aren't hers what their fifteen-year-old daughter is doing with them. Tami takes a deep breath and says she guesses she needs to talk to him about something.

She tells Coach about Matt and the condoms. Coach doesn't furrow, he doesn't clench, this time he only blinks and blinks. And then blinks some more. "I'm sorry say that again?" Tami won't repeat it because she knows he heard her. Tami says she talked to Julie -- Coach wants to know if this talk involved the rule that if Matt touches her, she's getting sent to a nunnery -- and then tells her husband that she told Julie she was too young and "tried to make the best case that I could against it." Coach wonders if maybe they should just get Julie her own apartment. Tami tells Eric that the reason she didn't consult him was because she thought he'd freak out. She doesn't say "like you are right now." Something occurs to Eric, and he asks "Where is she right now?" Tami says she's at Lois's studying.

Cut to Coach on an awkward phone call with Mr. Lois. "Well, was she supposed to come over there?" he asks while Tami's eyes widen behind him. He hangs up and bitchily tells his wife she might want to figure out where their daughter is.

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Friday Night Lights




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