Friday Night Lights
I Think We Should Have Sex

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Sometimes I Like a Little Puddin'

Tyra's in the kitchen at Applebee's. Tim comes back, and she scolds him for being there. He asks if she can take a break, and she scoffs that it's the dinner rush and she can't take a break. He looks at her with those eyes of his, which are both his and eyes, and then walks off, telling Tyra to forget it.

In the cabin, Matt is on top of Julie on the couch and they are making out. Julie pauses and tells Matt that the deer head on the wall is staring at her. Indeed, it appears to be true. Matt tells her to just not look at it. She feels like it's judging her and so he hops up to cover it with a blanket. When he does so, he mutters something so endearingly dorky, "See? There, he's sleepin.'" And then he hops back toward her, saying that "it's hard not to look at you cuz you're so good-lookin'." PER-E-SHUSH. They resume making out. And making out. Until Julie wonders whether it's really hot in there. Matt hops over and opens a window. More making out. Until Julie then wonders whether it smells like wet dog. Welcome to the world of sex, Julie. Dead deer judge you for it and it can be hot and smelly sometimes, too. Matt pauses this time and rests his head on her cheek. He pulls back and says "Let's not do this." Julie stutters this time, saying that she wants to, she really does, but Matt says that they "don't have to." The relief on this girl's face when she hears it is heartbreaking. "We, we don't?" Matt says they can just hang out or eat of something and Julie, brightly, "Really?!" She shifts her legs out from under him and starts to lean towards him for quality cuddling. Matt, kneeling on the couch, with a frozen grin waves her off, "Uh, just don't touch me right now, uh, give me a minute."

Julie might be having a sweet night, but her parents are having a bitter one. They sit in silence watching the clock. Tami finally breaks the silence and tells her husband that they have the exact same amount of experience being parents. That the truth is, for the most part, they are winging it. She confesses she didn't know what to do in this situation but that "the most important part to me is that my daughter be able to talk to me. A girl is entitled to that with her mother." Sing it, sister. She tells Eric that her mother used to tell her that she'd go to hell if a guy even touched her, and that didn't work to keep her from doing it. She pauses and looks off into the distance before saying that they raised a smart, moral girl and that she has faith in them as well as in Julie. "We just gotta let her go." Coach looks at her and says "I'm sorry if I hurt you" and they reach out to one another.

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Friday Night Lights




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