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In the Name of the Father

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Daddy Issues
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Everyone is gathered at Buddy's cavernous new bar. Austin blues prodigy Gary Clark, Jr. plays music for Tami to momishly snap her fingers to, while Luke gazes at Becky, and a big crowd of kids watch the most recent Lions win on a big screen television. The band wraps up its song and Buddy takes over the microphone, asking the crowd to give it up for the East Dillon Lions, explaining that this is the opening night of Buddy's Bar, and then explaining the new ritual of putting a football from each Lions victory into a case there at Buddy's.

Cut over to Vince's apartment where he comes home late to find his mother vacuuming. My first thought was: oh no, it's meth this time? But, as she reluctantly explains after some small talk about the game, she's up cleaning because his father has been released from jail. She wants Vince to come with her to pick him up at jail, but all Vince wants is some reassurance that he won't be living with them. His mom demurs and Vince stomps off to bed.

Credits. When we come back, we're looking at a video clip titled "Drunk Puppet Girl!!!!" of Porn Mouth being handled like, well, a drunk puppet. Principal Levi sternly identifies a series of football players who appear in the background of the video-- Dallas Tinker, Luke Cafferty, Vince Howard-- as Coach and Tami look on. Tami murmurs about how awful the video is while Levi tells them that parents are calling for the football players they see to be expelled. Coach whoa-whoas him, pointing out that there are dozens of other boys there and asking Levi to not expel anyone until he (Coach) can look into the situation. Levi leans back and agrees to the favor. Out in the hallway, Coach stands around in his dad socks-and-shorts while they shake their heads about how unacceptable this video is. Coach says he'll ask his players what was happening and Tami says that the girls need to be dealt with, as well. Coach, consternated, says "We didn't do any of this crap when we were kids" which Tami's surprised reaction points out is obviously a willful sort of amnesia. She just mutters, "Uh, yeah" and then turns to leave. Her face here is like maddeningly opaque, denying us access to what is clearly some sort of X-rated montage of the stupid shit they did do as kids playing in her mind.

Julie's history lecture discussion section breaks up as Head TA Derek Bishop (please do read sarcasm in my use of the "title" he introduced himself with) hands back papers. Julie has earned a C-, and girl, do I remember that feeling. Straight A public school student totally tanking on those first few college assignments.

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