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East Dillon. Some establishing shots of the shabby side of town. Coach has his players gathered and is giving them instructions about pushing a car and collecting money. "Be careful, don't get your feet run over." Tanker has a question: "Why are we pushing this damn car around?" Coach has two answers: don't swear, and shave whatever that is on your upper lip off before practice tomorrow. Then he tosses in a third answer for free: this is a "fun football fundraiser." Oh, that does not sound convincing. Especially so once Coach does that parental thing of instructing everyone to have fun. Nothing fun about getting told to have fun. Coach tells them that when the town comes out, money gets exchanged, that's a good thing. They come around behind their general and he tells them to be "kind and courteous out there" and they take off. Pushing the car. Which has helmets affixed to its grille, like this is Maximum Overdrive or something.

Meanwhile, Tami, Julie and Grace leave church while Tami remarks in a weird uptalking cadence that "Everyone in church is really not being nice to me? Over this Luke Cafferty thing?" Julie snarks that that sounds like the congregation: sweet and holy inside church, bitchy and judgmental outside. Tami welcomes her to the real world, but Julie insists that this isn't going to be her world, she isn't going to go to church with a bunch of hypocrites. Tami sighs as she puts Grace into her car seat and tells Julie that hypocrites are everywhere and that church is about "you and God." Julie quickly proposes to join the Church of Latter-Day Teen Fantasies: Worship-at-Home (i.e. Sleep-'Til-Noon) denomination. Tami tells her that church is also about community and family.

Back at the "fun fundraiser," the sun beats down on the boys as they push the car around and Staub keeps roaring like an imbecile. A scattering of people stand around putting bills into their proffered helmets. Tim runs up to Coach and tells him that he's "out of money." Coach expresses disbelief but then pulls out his wallet and hands Tim a hundred dollars -- Tim says that he's having a hard time because some people are just taking the money and walking away. Tim runs ahead to distribute the money so the kids won't get too disheartened.

Matt's at the Junkyard of Artistic Expression. He lugs some metal over to Richard, who's got a welding helmet on. Richard looks up and tells Matt that he has to drive him to Clearwater on Tuesday, because he needs to "finish this piece of crap." Matt wonders why he calls everything he works on "crap." Richard declares that everything is crap. Crap, crap, crap! The Mona Lisa is crap! All crap! I feel like I'm listening to a three year-old in one of those "poop poop butt" phases whenever this guy's on the screen. Matt tells Richard that he can't drive him two hundred miles on Tuesday because he has a shift. Richard yells that Matt is supposed to be there to learn about art, not spend his time delivering pizzas. Matt -- who is looking smoking in a plain grey T-shirt -- just sort of sighs and rolls his eyes at his abusive mentor.

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Friday Night Lights




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