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Game night! The East Dillon Lions get off the bus, Tanker worries to Coach about what they're going to play in -- their practice clothes? Coach tells him to quit worrying, the boys file past people holding signs saying that the Lions are quitters. They get into the locker room to be greeted by... brand new uniforms! They whoop and holler like kids on Christmas morning, and it is heartwarming. They spend some time grinning and slapping each other on the back when Coach yells over them, telling them that these are still work clothes, so "let's go to work! Let's go to work!" They all start shouting and jumping up and down, psyched for the game.

Commercials. Matt and Julie are in a restaurant on their date. Matt is talking about how now that he's finally had a real conversation with Richard, he's realizing that he's a really interesting guy. Julie asks Matt if he thinks she's holding him back. Matt looks confused, and she tells him what Richard said to her about being Matt's ball and chain (another thing I love about this show: the script never relies on unearned drama that results from a character like Julie keeping Richard's comment to herself). Matt reaches out and touches Julie's arm and tells her that Richard is a jerk, and she's the most important thing in his life. Julie looks straight at him and says "Yeah, well what if that's the point?" Matt just stutters that Richard was probably drunk and tells Julie to eat her bean curd. She doesn't look convinced.

East Lion football game. They're in the fourth quarter, and the announcer tells us that the Lions are definitely going to finish. They're looking fresh and clean and not mortally wounded tonight, so good for them! The announcer exposits that if the Lions could just score, that would make a big difference for team morale. Luke's making huge hits but Vince is getting repeatedly smoked. In the huddle, Luke tells Vince to do something and Vince snaps "Who made you Coach?" With thirty seconds left in the game, the opposing team snaps and throws the ball right into Luke's hands. Interception! Tami gets super cutely excited in the stands as Luke runs for the endzone. He's almost there, Vince running ahead of him blocking, when Vince just puts the brakes on and lets a guy tackle Luke. Luke pops up and starts yelling at Vince, on the sidelines Coach's hair is very much like "Oh, no you didn't!" as he literally SCREAMS at Vince: "What was that? What was that?" Vince gets up in Coach's face, which sends Coach directly into the nuclear option: screaming at a kid while assuring that kid of his deep devotion to him. Coach, baring his teeth as he spits the words, tells Vince that he always picks on him because he's good, and he's his own worst enemy. Vince still shouts back at Coach, and this is when it really gets serious: when Coach stops shouting, moves his mouth right next to Vince's ear and starts talking very quietly and firmly: don't you dare talk to me like that out here, you put that helmet back on, etc, etc. Vince snaps to attention, puts his helmet back on and says "Yes, sir!" which is not the most convincing turnaround in history, but whatever. The guys head back out onto the field as Coach calls Landry in for a field goal attempt. Hands man! Nine seconds left, and the snap goes bouncing around on the ground. Landry scrambles, picks it up and tosses it to Vince, who runs it down the field -- Tami-in-excited-disbelief reaction shot -- for a touchdown! Hooray! Principal Levi's on his feet cheering for his team, and the boys all celebrate in the endzone. Close-up on Coach in kind of numb disbelief.

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