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Coach walks into school with the principal of East Dillon. Coach tells Levi that he burned the team's old uniforms and tries to sell him on why: "End the old cycle, start the new, get rid of the past, ya know?" Coach asks for just a little help from the school to cover the down payment on new uniforms. Levi stops and looks straight at Coach and tells him that he is not getting the financial situation. Coach complains that it's expensive to get a new football program off the ground, and Levi retorts that all that may be a little premature. Coach is confused, and Levi explains that if Coach can't finish games, he can't be throwing money at the program. What's more, this football program was never really supposed to get off the ground anyway. Coach is the only one who didn't get the joke: he was never supposed to even take the job. Yes, this high school, in WEST TEXAS, was considering not having a football program. I'm sure that was because they were hoping to build their Fine Arts department. This plot point stretches believability a bit. Sure -- Coach's job is on the line if he can't get his shit together and finish a game, but the entire football program?

Credits. Becky knocks on the door of the Airstream, calling out "Good morning!" I will take a moment while you rewind and replay the quick shot of Tim Riggins getting out of bed in his black boxer-briefs.

You all set? Okay. She's brought him toast, Tim is a bit confused as to how to take the gesture but doesn't even have a minute to think it over before she brightly suggests that since he's up, why doesn't he drive her to school? Before we cut to the next scene, even the camera-person is taken with Tim Riggins's boy-shorts, as we get another full-length (ahem) shot, with a quick zoom-in on his figure. Okay then!

Tami is fixing Grace breakfast when Julie comes in. Tami starts a conversation with Julie about church, leaning over the kitchen bar and asking her if she feels that Tami and Eric are making her go to church. This is a nice intimate moment. Julie tells her that she doesn't feel coerced, just that church is like a tradition, and if her parents stopped going, she probably wouldn't go either. Tami just raises her eyebrows.

Applebee's. Booster meeting, headed by the Nefarious Joe McCoy (I can't even call him Guy Smiley anymore, he is just TOO nefarious!). The long shot doesn't show us Joe clearly, but we hear him making fun of Coach forfeiting the game: "We're done! We're beat up! We can't play anymore," laughing all the while. RAGE! This man is inspiring rage in me! You don't make fun of Coach Taylor! Buddy walks in and gets a very cool greeting. One of the good ole boys points out that Buddy wasn't at the game on Friday, and Buddy says he was sick and had to listen to it on the radio. Joe looks over his Reading Glasses of Smugness and wonders if Buddy wants to share anything with them -- you know, about a mailbox and an old buddy named Eric. Buddy plays dumb and then gets pissed. He suggests that this Luke deal has made everyone a little crazy. Close-ups on the various boosters, caught between their old leader and their new one. Buddy tries to pull rank and tells "Joe" -- he enunciates the name with complete snarky disgust -- that he was a Panther before any of them, and then tells Joe to get on with the agenda. Which, it turns out, is Joe scouting a 13-year-old boy. We end with a close-up of Buddy's face, realization dawning that the power dynamic has fundamentally shifted.

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