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Passing Checks

East Dillon locker room. All the boys are wearing regular street-clothes T-shirts stretched all tight over their pads. Aw! Vince looks at Luke, who is smiling like a goofball across the room, and asks his friends what Luke is so happy about. They joke that he thinks he's going to come in there and take charge. Tanker adds the useful tidbit that Luke is "All like, 'I'm a Panther'." They head out to practice. Vince waits for Luke to pass him and tries to intimidate the kid: "You a long way from home, boy." Luke just looks at him and says, "I guess so." Oh, this is going to be good.

Out on the field, Coach gives Vince a hard time, yelling at him that he spends half his day talking to him out on the field. Coach offhandedly tells Luke to go on defensive backs. Luke protests that he doesn't play defense, which causes Coach to get near his face and tell him that he plays where Coach tells him to play. Luke starts wandering off, and Coach tells him to hurry it up. Tim introduces himself to Luke and takes him down the field. Luke tries to make conversation with Tim -- going so far as to try to high-five him over winning State -- but Tim just stays laconic and sends him on his way to "DB it up." You know, my alias initials are "DB." Do you think Tim Riggins wants to "DB it up" himself?

Panther Pizza. Julie reads a review of Richard's art off her handheld. His exhibition in Austin is described as "mind-bending," "brilliant, visceral, and ultimately ethereal." Matt's face is worked up into a smirk of disbelief. Matt puts the pizzas in the back of his car -- which the camera shows us is dirty with old leaves and other schmutz, just like backs of cars always are. He can't make sense of the words "brilliant" and "ethereal" in relation to Richard, who he describes as "a angry, abusive idiot." Thank you, Zach Gilford, for not using the correct article in front of "angry" -- either your delivery is perfect for this character, or you were woefully miseducated at my alma mater Northwestern. Either way.

Coach is fixing the fluorescent light fixture in his office when a salesman comes into his office. The discuss how the new uniforms are coming along, Coach tells him that he knows that he's late on the payment. The salesman isn't putting the screws to him, and even tells him that the company, Under Armor, is doing all this at cost and throwing in hats and polos for the staff since Coach helped him out when he was starting off, but he is going to need some money to take back to Baltimore. Well, Mr. Salesman, you could have started by not spending the $700 it probably cost you to fly from Baltimore to West Texas. I jest. This is a nice, quiet moment, actually, where instead of the usual television-drama mean, rock-and-a-hard-place guy, you get a glimpse of how effective Coach's generous and committed mentoring is. But, no matter how strong their relationship, the salesman is going to need -- he pauses before saying the figure -- "Five." Coach is like, five thousand? And the salesman gives in and tells him that Coach can give him three thousand now and two on delivery. Coach opens his drawer and writes a check. He hands it over, and the salesman is like, "This is a personal check." Coach assures him it's "all right," and they shake hands, Coach looking at this guy walk out the door with one or two month's mortgage in his hands.

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