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Commercials. Taylors are in their bedroom. Tami's putting on lipstick in the vanity mirror -- which is all smudged. I mean, do they have somebody actually living in this house when they aren't filming? Because it looks so wonderfully lived-in all the time. Tami is telling her husband that Julie is talking about not wanting to go to church anymore, "like she's questioning her faith or something." Eric tells her that Julie's a teenager, wait two weeks and she'll change her mind again. Tami's still worried, but Eric tells her that Julie isn't going to hell anytime soon. He exposits that he's going to meet with Buddy to get help on how to raise money from the boosters. As he gets up to leave, Tami asks if he wrote a check that he didn't put in the book, and Coach screws up his face in thinking (i.e. lying) and says that "Oh, yeah, it was for dry cleaning. Forty five dollars." Uh-oh. Tami plaintively tells him that he has to put those things "in the book. I can't keep track!"

Matt drives up to the Junkyard of Artistic Expression in his Taurus wagon. Richard hops in smoking a cigarette, and Matt complains that they're taking his car. Matt hopes that Richard is going to pay for gas, but Richard whines that he's teaching him the meaning of life, he shouldn't have to pay for gas, too. Then Richard complains that the car smells like old pizza. Matt: "Well, that's how I pay for gas." Matt Saracen! Look in front of you! You don't want to be an artist if it means being like this guy! Find your own row to hoe!

East Dillon locker room. Coach calls Landry into his office and says he'd like him to work with Special Teams. Landry gets excited about catching snaps, but Coach tells him that he wants him to practice kicking the ball. Then they start talking over one another very cutely, Landry stuttering about how he's never kicked the ball, he thinks of himself as "a hands man" and on and on, Coach exasperatedly repeating that he needs a punter and wants Landry to practice. Landry finally turns around with a "Yes, sir!" while Coach rubs his face. Luke knocks and asks if he can have a word with Coach. Luke says that he thinks that they got off on the wrong foot, and launches into a little speech about how he doesn't hold anything against Coach or his wife, and he's not there to give Coach a hard time, he's just there to play football. Coach is a better educator than I -- who, at the very whiff of sincerity like that, will quietly start weeping because they aren't all ungrateful jerks -- so Coach can listen to a sweet speech like that and still be like "And?" Coach clarifies that Luke doesn't even have anything to hold against him, and as far as his wife goes, his wife didn't cause Luke's problems, Luke caused his own problems. "You were doing something knowingly wrong, and you got caught. Why don't you take that responsibility." Luke quietly thanks him and walks out the door.

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