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Junkyard of Artistic Expression, Clearwater. Matt and Richard load metal into the trunk. Matt asks Richard if when he looks at this old, rusty metal, whether he "sees something in it. Like, for your art?" Richard playacts -- spotting a piece of crinkled and cracked plexiglass or something on the ground, picking it up and holding it up to the sky, gazing upward, "Oh! Oh! I see the face of God!" Matt knows he's making fun of him and turns away. Richard is like "I don't know, man! You ask too many damn questions." Richard is a perfect example of a game I like to play in Brooklyn called "Hipster or Homeless Person?" Although Richard is taking it one step further because he looks like a homeless person from another era -- total hobo, this guy is.

Tim is brushing his teeth in the main house, and gets accosted by Becky on his way out. She wants to know whether she should wear the red or pink dress for her pageant. Tim says he isn't qualified to advise and wonders where her mother is. Working. At the bar. Where you picked her up for a one-night stand, Tim. Becky's pluck will not be, uh, deplucked, and she suggests that she try the dresses on for Tim to help him decide. He just says "I don't -- no" and heads straight for the door. Pink, for sure, he tells her, barely looking back. She looks after him longingly.

Matt and Richard are in a bar. Matt wants to head back, since all they're doing there is playing shuffleboard. Richard says that, alright, they can talk. So Matt asks him what he thinks is the most important tool an artist can have. Richard scoffs at the question again. Matt protests, "You said we should talk!" and Richard clarifies that what he meant was for Matt to talk about himself while Richard secretly mocks him in his head. Matt goes to settle up the tab and Richard comes around and sits next to him. "Alright, the most important tool an artist can have is selfishness." Oh, not this masculinist bullshit. Seriously you guys. I CALL BULLSHIT ON THE ENTIRETY OF MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART that follows this tenet. The artist must express himself, must live apart from the world. Go tell it to Thoreau. Who had Emerson's wife doing his laundry for him. So Richard continues: "If you are going to spend your life trying to express some quiet, dark corner deep, deep inside you, you will put aside love, God, life, in order to follow this craving." Richard's advice is "screw everybody else."

Coach and Buddy are also in a bar, Coach telling him that he needs to get some money together for the uniforms, stat. Eric doesn't know how to talk to the boosters, but Buddy does. Does East Dillon even have boosters? Eric can't be asking him to go to the Panther boosters. Well, in any case, Buddy can't do it: he's got Joe breathing down his neck. "They think I'm the one who told you about the mailbox." Eric reminds him that he is the one who told him about the mailbox, and Buddy says that he needs to "unknow" that fact. Which, heh. I like that line. Buddy thinks that he's maybe being followed, maybe his phone is bugged, these guys are crazy! Eric is like, yeah, they are crazy -- and then tells Buddy that the principal has threatened to shut down the entire football program. Buddy tells Eric that he just can't help; Eric gets up to leave, telling Buddy that he needs to polish his ring up a bit: "It's looking a bit tarnished."

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