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Commercials. Julie's brushing her teeth, Tami and Grace hovering behind her. Julie's like "An earthquake? In West Texas?" Tami assures her that, sure "they have 'em!" Odessa's on a fault line! What would Julie do in that case, would she pray? Julie tells her that she would check on the family, and then she would stand under a doorway. But Tami pushes again: would you pray? Julie tells her that next time there's an earthquake in West Texas, she'll let her mom know.

East Dillon practice. Luke makes huge tackle after huge tackle, but Coach doesn't pay any attention to him. Vince misses a catch and Coach yells at him, "You gotta make that play. You can't make that play, what are you out here for?" The coaches call the kids in, and Tim catches Luke off to the side and tells him he did a good job. But Luke wants to know why Coach isn't even looking at him. Tim tells him that Coach has a lot on his plate, he needs to just keep doing what he's doing. Luke thanks him for noticing when Becky, over by the fences, calls out to Tim that she'll see him later. Luke wants to know who that is -- she looks cute in her cowboy boots and plaid skirt -- and Tim tells him that he's renting a room from her mother, "that's it." Luke breaks into a smile and says "Wish I was renting a room from her mom." Tim just looks at him blankly and the kid apologizes, "Just joking." I really love their interaction -- Tim only two or three years older, but absolutely "man" to Luke's "young man."

Vince and Bad Gold Chain Kid play basketball. Vince is complaining about how Coach is always all over him on the field, yelling at him, pushing him, grabbing his jersey. This is the most we've heard Vince talk, and I like it. He says, of Coach, "that white boy sucks." He continues, angry that Coach is all up in his face, coming to his house, talking to his mom. Then he complains that Coach's brought this white kid Luke onto the team, who thinks he's going to take over. But it's Vince's team, he's the running back and so on. The great thing about this is how awesomely complicated these relationships are: Vince does not respond to the "great man" schtick Coach does with his players, he is completely critical of the paternalistic way Coach interacts with his players, but at the same time, he insists that he's a leader on this team. BGCK simplifies things a bit and tells Vince that white dudes stick up for white dudes -- Vince has to remember to "look out for us."

East Dillon locker room. Tim stands over Luke, who's doing crunches on the bench. Luke wants to know why Rigs doesn't wear his state ring, and then asks what it was like going to State. Tim sees where he's going and tells the kid to give the Lions a chance. Luke retorts, "Dude, be serious, this team is not the Dillon Panthers." Luke thinks that he's getting the backlash from Tami taking all the heat for making him switch teams, and that's why Coach has put him on defense. He wants to win State. Tim tells him he needs to just give it a chance and trust the coach. Cut to Tim grabbing Coach on his way out of the locker room. Coach is in shirt and tie and explains he's going to "drum up business from local business leaders in the form of cash." Improvised line? Kind of hilariously roundabout. Well, Tim tells him that he's been working with Luke and Luke is good, damn good. Tim beats around the bush a bit more and then is out with it: "He thinks you don't like him." Coach tells Tim that he doesn't have time for sensitivity training, and Luke needs to get over the idea that they're going to kiss his ass because he's gracing them with his presence. He's to show up, shut up and be worked hard.

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