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Passing Checks

Landry's out on the field practicing when Jess comes up with three little boys. They ask if they can play, but Landry says he's working on his punting. He tells them they can watch and hauls off and kicks the ball, which goes... nowhere really. Landry Charlie Brown! Jess and the boys giggle at him, one of the boys giving him the advice that "the ball's supposed to go straight." Jess gives him some pointers -- she tells him to keep his head down, his torso leaning forward, to point his toes, and to follow through. He tries her advice and! There the ball goes. Jess compliments herself, and Landry says that will never happen again, especially not when surrounded by thousands of screaming fans. The littlest boy wonders "What fans?" Isn't this scene just the preciousist? Jess tells the boys to go get the ball, and tells Landry that he just needs to keep practicing over and over, he'll develop the muscle memory. He needs to forget the fans, the big guys running at him and just let it go -- and here she closes her eyes and sort of waves her hands in front of her face, and Landry has obviously fallen immediately in love. He asks where she learned about football -- her father used to play football and almost went pro, but now he can't stand it. He asks where she learned so much about all that hand-wavey let it go stuff, "Did you study Buddhism?" She tells him that naw, naw, it's just her life, you know? The three little brothers, the obviously dead mother, et cetera.

Tami's working on the bills in the living room when Coach comes home. She asks how it went getting the boosters together. Coach slurrily tells her that he went to 12 businesses and found that they either don't know there's a football team or they don't care. I dont' understand how two miles away, everyone is rabid for football while over here nobody gives a shit. Can somebody explain? Coach confesses he stopped at the bar on the way home and had a friend drive him home. Tami gives him an exasperated "Alright." Then Coach really confesses: the check he wrote wasn't for dry cleaning, it was for gear for the team and it was for $3000. Tami gives him her brow furrow -- "We don't have $3000 in the checking account!" and they start getting into it. Not yelling, but speaking in a clipped manner to one another. Tami tells him that she knows he's having a hard time, but come on now. He snaps at her that if he didn't write the check, he wouldn't have a team, he's going to raise the money, they aren't going to actually pay it. Tami tells him to not raise his voice and he tells HER to stop getting all riled up. And THAT my friends, is where fights always go off the rails -- when you stop fighting about content and start fighting about the style in which you are fighting and who is more mad/yelly/riled up. Oh, is there anything worse than having your husband tell YOU that you are all riled up when it is clearly HIM that is? See? How easy it is to go to that place? Tami stands up and tells him that he writes this check, then lies to her about it, then comes in there and yells at her? "I don't think so" and walks away.

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