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Passing Checks

Commercials. The clock reads 2:02 and Coach is lying wide awake. The alarm goes off at 6:20 and Tami wakes to find Coach gone. He left her a note in the kitchen that says he went to pick up the car. "Love, Me!" Aw. Cut to Coach in the truck driving out to the Cafferty farm. Nice reason for them to never be able to move -- they run a farm. Luke's dad -- wearing a ridiculous floor-length cowboy duster coat -- brings Coach over to Luke who's tossing bales of hay around. He tells Coach Luke has a lot of work to do before school, Coach says he won't take long. Coach asks Luke if he'd like to talk about not being happy in practice. Luke tells him he just doesn't feel like he's being used, and he'd like a chance to play offense. Coach tells him that he'll get his chance, but he's got 18 other players, he can't put Luke up on a pedestal. Luke tells him that he's trying to "get out of here," he needs a scholarship, this is it for him. His parents don't care about football -- really? Uh, okay. "So I was on my fast track on the Panthers, we won't even talk about that now. I'm willing to kill myself to get out of here, Coach." He just wants a chance to play ball and get noticed. Coach tells him that he understands that Luke is better than most of the other players, and he understands what it's like to want to be a Panther -- "Believe me, that's not lost on me." Oh, the deferred dreams of Coach Taylor! Coach tells Luke that he will do everything in his power to get Luke a scholarship, if Luke does one thing for me: "I need you to lead." Luke readily acquiesces, and Coach says he just earned a slap on the back. Ooh, this is juicy. Why not go to Vince for a leader, Coach? Because Luke looks like the leader you need? The clash between the two players is being set up perfectly, and good for the show for exposing the way in which expectations shape outcomes.

God. Tim and stupid Becky some more. She thanks him for the ride and he asks if she has a boyfriend, because a boyfriend should be the one doing all this stuff for her. She giggles and says since Tim is already doing it, it'd be efficient if he were her boyfriend. She clearly is torn between wanting a father and wanting a boyfriend, and it's a little icky. Tim asks if she ever runs into Luke Cafferty and then tells her that Luke likes her. Tim neglects to pass her a note with boxes for her to check, "Like me like me" or "Just like me." She says she'll talk to him, but clearly isn't happy that Tim is suggesting boys other than himself for her.

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