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East Dillon. Tami stops by Eric's office on the way home from work. He apologizes and she accepts. Coach tells her that Under Armor called and are just going to cash the two thousand they got from school (when? how?) and will wait on the other three. She nods and tells him to never do that again. He promises he won't and Tami shakes her head and says she's sorry he's having such a hard time. Taylors! Sticking together!

Joe McCoy's Playboy Grotto. Ew. The boosters are all gathered for a catered affair. I miss Janine Turner! Buddy hangs around two good ole boys who talk about how Luke Cafferty is about to be massacred in his first Lions game, "What a waste." They agree that one good thing will come out of the situation, and that is that Joe McCoy is gunning for Tami Taylor. Buddy snaps, "What are you talking about?" and the other says "Yeah, McCoy'll figure out a way to get that bitch out of there!" Yes, so we never have to look at a woman again, and always only hang out with men at Applebee's and suburban Playboy Grottos. Buddy storms away from any kind of "bitch" talk related to Tami Freaking Taylor. He ascends the steps that lead down into the grotto area they're in, and calls for everyone's attention. He says he hates to spoil the party, but he is not a Panther anymore. He doesn't know what these people believe in, but it's certainly not the Panthers they grew up with. Joe McCoy, wearing mirrored sunglasses, just looks on with closed mouth and GOD this guy looks so much like middle-aged exurban privilege, right down, probably, to his monogrammed grilling tools and Viagra prescription. Buddy tells them all that he's the one who told Eric about the mailbox; in fact, he's the one who PUT that mailbox in 12 years ago. It's his mailbox, he'll do whatever he wants with it. Then Buddy turns to Joe and says that ever since he got there, Joe's been a cancer to Buddy, to his friends, and to the team. "And just one more thing I want to say, is: Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." And with that, Buddy's out! Yes!

Matt and Julie pull up in front of the Junkyard of Artistic Expression. Matt exposits that he just has to go drop something off and heads into the house. He's wearing a suit, and Julie's got lipgloss on. Date night! Julie gets out and wanders around the yard looking at the "art." Richard is tucked around the side, sees her, and walks up and asks "Who the hell are you, little girl?" Ok, see: NO. She is not a "little girl" you masculinist prick. She introduces herself as Matt's girlfriend, and the drunk artist says "So you're the ball and chain that keeps dragging him down. I think I married you about 20 years ago, babes." Julie looks shocked and rushes back to the car. JULIE TAYLOR, do not fall for this kind of shit. Do not fall for it when the guy in the band, who you date in college, tells you that you just don't understand what it's like on tour and do not fall for it now, when this guy tells you that intimacy or domesticity is contrary to the artistic impulse.

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Friday Night Lights




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