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Landry and Jess are at her locker. Landry's setting up dinner with his parents and Jess wonders if his parents even know she's black. She just wants to know what she's walking into. Landry: "Well, I can tell you you're walking into some very hit-or-miss cooking." But then he gets serious and says what she's walking into is two parents who really love seeing their son happy, and want to see what he's been so happy about. Jess smiles, "You've been happy?" and they lean in and kiss. Vince walks by and Jess gets self-conscious and pulls away: "Let's not get too happy in the hallway."

Tim drives up and finds Becky's mom lugging groceries from her car into the house. He helps her out, and inside, she tells him that he's alright. When she picked him up at that bar, she had no idea what a good guy he is. She tells him that he's been good to her and to her daughter, that he's kind of part of the family. Right, the kind of guy who goes both ways: mother and daughter. Tim accepts the compliment and then invites her and Becky out to dinner. He's in the mood to celebrate. She's left in the kitchen grinning goofily.

At the Taylors, Coach asks Tami what exactly happened. She sits with Gracie in her lap and talks animatedly that what happened is that she did what she is licensed to do. Neither of them understand why anyone is accusing Tami of advising that girl to have an abortion when her mother is the one who took her to get one. Julie walks in, and Coach and Tami get all ixnay on the ortionabay. Julie asks if everything's alright as Tami hands Gracie over to get put to bed, but they just murmur that everything's fine. In Gracie's room, Julie tries to get her little sister excited for bed, but she gets the dreaded two year old "No!" Julie's phone starts vibrating and she goes over to check who it is. She picks it up and sees it's Matt. Cut to Matt looking out the window at a rainy, rainy night. Julie answers and Matt asks her how she's been. She kind of chokes up and says, "I can't talk to you right now" and hangs up, leaving Matt alone with his deluge.

Commercials. Jess makes conversation with Landry's parents at the dinner table. She talks about her brothers but goes quiet when Landry's dad mentions her mother. Oooh, Jess's mother. The taboo subject for eleven episodes now! So to make things a little more uncomfortable, Landry's mom flips through her mental index cards of "What to Talk about with Black People" and asks "So what do you think of Obama so far, Jess?" Jess and Landry practically choke on their stroganoff until Jess finally, through a full mouth, mutters "I think he's....good? He's good. A good President." Landry's mother says that she has to agree and they all sit in quiet agony around the table.

Tim, out to dinner with Becky and her mom, says that he's got some news that not even he has fully processed. He tells them that he's now "a proud owner of a little piece of Texas." Becky's mom freaks out and congratulates him, but Becky wonders where he got the money. Tim covers that "Garrity motors threw us some work" but Becky isn't convinced, even while her airheaded mom coos and grins. She wonders what Tim will do with the land and Tim says that eventually he'll build a house. Becky's mom is like "With your own hands?!?" and as he says yes you can practically see the X-rated cartoon bubble of what she'd love a man who builds houses with his own hands to do to her with his own hands. Tim mentions that first, though, he's going to enroll in Tech school to make sure that Riggins Rigs can stay current and ahead of the competition, so he'll be wanting to live in the Sproles backyard for a little longer. Becky's mom practically throws her bra at him when he says this, and Becky looks at her like "Ew."

Luke shakes out a few pills for himself before bed. His mom knocks on his door to say good night; she beams at him as she tells him to not forget to say his prayers, and he says "Yes, ma'am." She closes the door and Luke gets to praying: "Dear Lord, please let me get some more drugs before Friday."

Julie walks down the hallway and into her mom's bedroom where Tami's reading in bed. Julie gets in with her and asks if Tami is going to let her know what's going on. Tami takes a breath, and tells her that somebody is trying to get her fired for giving counsel to a girl in need. Julie asks if her mom can really get fired and Tami just tells her not to worry.

Becky's mom, either 4 regular or 2 "Big as Your Head" margaritas in, weaves her way out to Tim's trailer. She knocks on his door and he lets her in, only to get attacked by her lips in mid-welcome. Tim pushes her away and says that this isn't a good idea. She tells him that this isn't just about sex -- they've already done that -- but that she thinks they should get to know each other. "I'm a pretty great girl." Oh, the desperation. Becky's mom whose name I can never remember: quit it! She tells him that he's a pretty great guy and they barely know each other even though they live "a few meters away." Meters? First the mother-daughter thing. Now the metric system? This is really getting perverted. She thinks it would be a shame if they didn't date, since they live so close together. That's a whole new dating theory right there: just date whatever dude happens to live closest to you! Tim sits down and reminds us of her name -- Cheryl -- saying that he thinks she's great, and he really appreciates what she's done for him, and that he respects her and Becky, but he's not the right guy for her, he's not ready to be in a relationship with someone who has a family. She downgrades her pitch a bit: "It doesn't have to be a relationship" (ouch). And then Tim tells her again, firmly, that this isn't going to happen. She laughs ruefully, and then apologizes and then declares that she's drunk and was just taking a shot in the dark. She plasters a really fake smile on as she thanks him for dinner and walks dejectedly out of the trailer door.

Luke runs into Becky in the hallway. Becky asks how his mom is, and he's confused. Becky explains that she came over to talk the other day but that she left kind of suddenly. Luke is horrified and apologizes, but Becky assures him that it was alright, they had a good talk. But Luke keeps apologizing and sort of shuffles off, "That will never happen again, I'm so sorry."

School board meeting. A prim-lipped lady questions Tami, about whether Tami thought it was appropriate to take on the role of counselor to a girl. Tami wonders if this lady even knows what her "role" is: "I am a certified counselor and principal. I followed protocol and district policies." The lady continues challenging her, accusing Tami of imposing her values on an innocent and confused sixteen-year-old girl. Tami: "No ma'am I did NOT impose my values." The lady's on a roll: "You referred her to an abortion clinic!" Tami clarifies once again that she did not, that her mother took her to the clinic. The lady: "You provided her with information that allowed her to get her child aborted!" Well, put the internet in jail, then. I mean, geez. Tami keeps contradicting and the prim lady wonders if Tami is calling her a liar. Tami says that no, but the lady has bad information. Wow, bad information. What a surprise, in the abortion debate. A guy jumps in to get them back on track, that is, off the abortion track. A parent has complained that an educator from their district has inappropriately advised a girl. Superintendent Paul agrees. The prim lady tries again: "Mrs. Taylor, did you or did you not advise this girl to get an abortion." Tami quietly says "No, I did not advise her to get an abortion." And too many reality shows later, I yell from my TV -- show 'em the tape of your conversation with Becky, Tami! Tami finally takes a stand, telling these troglodytes that a girl came to her, scared and desperate for an adult to listen to her. She gave her options and she listened, that is her responsibility to the girl as a principal and as a human being. Tami gets up and asks that they keep all this in mind while they make their decision, and effectively call

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