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Everybody Hurts
ion-left like Coach has instructed him to. Luke runs the ball, gets hit, and is slow to get up. Coach calls the same play again from the sidelines. Luke runs it, takes a huge hit and is down. Poor Luke grunts and moans and rolls; Coach calls a time out and gets assisted off the field. On the bench, Luke finally tells one of the assistants what's going on, it's his hip, and he pulls up his jersey. Coach comes over and asks "What the hell is that?!?" Traub says it's a hip flexor and Luke'll be out for the rest of the season. Coach asks how long he's had it and Luke confesses, four weeks. Coach: "FOUR WEEKS?! YOU DID THAT FOUR WEEKS AGO AND YOU DIDN'T TELL US?" Luke moans that he thought he could play through it, and then, Luke Cafferty special, apologizes for his own misguided bravery.

Tim comes home, and Becky invites him in to watch a movie with her in her skimpy pajamas. She wants to watch Thelma and Louise. Tim asks where her mom is, and Becky says she's working until 2. Tim doesn't think it's a good idea, and walks to his trailer but Becky ambushes him with "Please? I don't want to be alone." He turns around and comes back in, asking her if she's got any other movies.

Vince, Calvin, and Head Bad Guy drive up in front of a house, working out their game plan. Which is go in, beat some ass, get the money. Head Bad Guy decides to bring Calvin, since Vince is so bad at being the muscle.

Tim and Becky sprawl in bed. Becky's asleep, Tim's watching the end of Thelma and Louise. He mutters, "I think I'm moving out" but turns and sees that she's asleep. He gazes at her for a bit when Cheryl comes in and starts to freak out: "Oh, I do not believe this." Tim protests that it's not what she thinks, but she's like "In my bed, with my daughter, in the middle of the night? How long has this been going on?" Becky swears they were just watching a movie, but Cheryl is really flailing, sending Becky to her room and Tim out to get his stuff and get off her property. Tim wastes no time getting out of this crazy lady house, stalks out to his truck and throws a bag in it while Cheryl follows him and screeches at him about how he's actually exactly like what she first thought he was when she first met him. "You're nothing. You're just like ever other guy I've ever met in my entire life." Tim gets in his truck, quietly says "I never touched your daughter" while Cheryl keeps railing at him that he can buy land but he will never amount to anything. Tim looks straight at her and pulls out of the drive.

Vince chews his finger nervously waiting for them to come out when he hears a shout and turns just in time to see Calvin and Head Bad Guy running around the corner, Calvin trailing behind. Shots ring out and Calvin goes down, shot three or four times. Vince has hopped out of the car, but Head Bad Guy yells at him to get back in and get them out of there. They peel out, leaving Calvin behind.

Commercials. Tami is asleep on the couch when the phone rings. It's 11:30 p.m. She answers and it's a reporter from the Daily Gazette wanting comment on the allegations that she advised a student to get an abortion. She pauses, shocked, but says she has no comment and hangs up.

Tim is sleeping on the couch in Riggins Rigs when there's a knock at the door. He gets it and finds Becky there. She says she needs to talk to him. Tim says her mom will kill him and she says that it's fine, she passed out. Becky tells Tim that she knows he's moving out and that she won't be seeing him much anymore but that she wanted to tell him that the things her mother said to him are not true. "You're not a loser. And you're not nothin'. You're kind, you're good, and you're strong. You protected me from my dad. And you drove three hours all that way to that pageant. And you helped me through the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. And you were the only one there." You know, except Tami Taylor and the most excessively sweet teen boy (Luke Cafferty) ever. She thanks him and then gives him a hug and a kiss on the neck. "Bye Tim Riggins" and she turns to go, but not before exchanging some confusingly overly tender looks with Tim Riggins, White Knight of Dillon.

Coach sits with Buddy at a bar. Buddy can't believe they lost. The season's over. Luke's out. "We're done." Buddy says that they've got to go, it's late and Tami Taylor will kill him for keeping him out this late. But Coach doesn't move and tells Buddy to sit down and have another drink. "I don't want to go home yet." And the juxtaposition of Buddy noting that Tami wouldn't like them staying out that late, with the phrase that Coach utters about not wanting to go home (to the most loving home in America) with the fact that Tami is at home dealing with a potentially major situation, with the fact that Coach has just been hanging out in bars way more than he ever has before, with the fact that Coach seems completely adrift this season: I think there's a Coach storm a-brewing.

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