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All Work and No Beer…

There's a knock at the Taylor door and Julie answers. It's Matt. He points to the black jalopy on the street and says that he borrowed Landry's car. She responds, "And you drove it here...?" Cold. He asks her if she wants to go to the lake. She does! Next, we see them swimming at the lake. While they're swimming, he asks her if she's ever been fired from anything. She says that, when she was 12, she babysat for the Griffins and they never asked her back. Scandalous. He jokes that it's rough that she's still carrying that with her. He says he never thought he would play professional football, but he thought it might help pay for college. Now, here it is senior year and he's sitting on the bench. "Bottom line, it just sucks," says Julie. He agrees, but finds the silver lining. This is the first Saturday he can remember waking up and not thinking about everything he did wrong the night before. Julie asks him if he's prepared. Prepared for what? Prepared to get his butt whooped by a girl. Then, she splashes him and swims away. So, it's a swimming race? No, they just want to engage in some horseplay.

It's the night of the dance. Tami grabs a Rice Krispie treat from the dish that Tyra is carrying. She loves them. OK, weird thing -- I had this dream a few days ago where Tami had, on her right shoulder, a sleeve of tattoos. I'm assuming the dream was influenced by last week's episode and that girl Megan on this season of American Idol. You know what though? They were really amazingly beautiful tattoos. Just thought I'd share.

Tami tells Tyra that she's done a great job with the decorations and Tyra just brushes the compliment off. Tami says that she thinks that Eric is ditching the dance. Then, Tyra tells her that she broke up with Cash. Tami says that she's sorry, but Tyra says that Tami isn't. She insists that she is sorry -- what she didn't want was for Tyra to get hurt. Tyra isn't buying -- she says she's going home.

Landry and Devin are sitting in the stands of the gym and Devin is looking through Crucifictorious's songbook. That's such a funny phrase. Landry is insecure about the songs and says that they need work. Devin says, gently, that all of the songs seem like they're about one girl. Ouch. He counters that most rock music is about a girl. Point taken. But, she thinks their band could be really great -- which, I guess, means you move on from girls and write about peace and submarines. He agrees that they could be great. So, Devin thinks that he needs to get over the girl. She asks him if she's at the dance. He looks at Tyra and, she isn't. I don't think Devin believes him, but she moves on.

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