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All Work and No Beer…

Tim enters with Lyla and says, "Footloose, here we come." He jokes that he loves stuff like this. FYI -- all respect to Tami, but this dance does not look like much fun. There are approximately 18 people there. Tim sees J.D., who is natty in his tie and jacket. J.D. tells him that his mother thought it would be a good idea for him to have a good time. Wow, this guy couldn't ask a girl from school to go with him? Tim asks him if he is actually having that good time that his mother wished for him and he says no. Tim confirms that J.D. knows Lyla (I thought J.D. might pass out, seriously, she's so cute), then asks J.D. if he's going to cut a rug. He isn't. Then, he tries to convince Lyla to go get a beer with him. He says that people who go to dances like this are the people who have regrets later. Um, word of warning, Mr. Riggins -- he who is obsessed with memories and regrets and whatnot is usually the he who regrets a lot of shit down the line. Just saying. Live now. He's living for his 40-year old self. You'd be surprised at what someone who is 40 doesn't know about what it's like to make decisions as an 18-year-old. I just confused myself, but I really think I was onto something there.

Tim says that J.D. is going for a beer with them, but J.D. says he doesn't drink. "There you go, he doesn't drink," says Lyla. I loved girls like that -- she's trying to squash some peer pressure right there. J.D. says his father gave him an article about how alcohol interferes with protein synthesis. Did not make that up. Well then, Tim says J.D. can be the designated driver. J.D. doesn't have a license or a learner's permit. Because freshmen ARE 14 OR 15. That's the only weird thing about this show. That kid seems too old. Anyway, Tim decides that they are going "to make some memories" and J.D. is coming with them. Lyla doesn't seem too into it, but she goes. So does J.D. Who is picking J.D. up from the dance?

They arrive at a party and Tim reminds them to make some memories. This dude and the memories. It's like he's already dead. He gives his keys to Lyla and says "safety first." She tells him to tell her when he and his "date" need a ride home. Ouch. J.D. asks Tim if Lyla is mad at her and he says, "Yes, McCoy. Let's have some fun." Scoundrel.

Tyra is at home when Cash knocks on her door. She's eating some Cheerios and does not have time. She tells him to go to hell and talk to his girlfriend or wife. I wish she'd said sister too. Cash says that Ali isn't his girlfriend or wife, but she won't let him explain. She opens the door and asks him which part of "Go to hell" did he not understand. My one guess would be, since he's at the door, "go." He didn't understand "go." He explains that Ali Darcy and he hooked up 5 years ago. But, she was wacky (those girls, there's always SOMETHING wrong with them) so he never saw her again. He left town to work the rodeo circuit and now he's back, and she recently showed up with a two-year-old. Not his kid. He also wouldn't lie about it, if it were his kid. So he says. Tyra softens and asks if he's lying to her. He says that he would never lie to her. She lets him in and they begin to kiss. OK, people like this exist. I realize that. But, there's just a little something that bothers me about how much CRAZY women run these storylines. It may just be PC crap, but something feels weird about it. Maybe the female gender should get their effing act together. Ooh, that's right, I said it. Get your shit together, girls.

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