Friday Night Lights
It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy

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All Work and No Beer…

Back at the party, a couple of pretty (probably CRAZY) girls pass Tim with loving looks in their eyes. J.D. asks Tim how many girlfriends he has. "Just the one," he replies sternly. J.D. looks at Lyla and says that she is so pretty. Tim agrees that she's "pretty special" and tells J.D. that he's on his own for a while. J.D. freaks a bit and asks what he's supposed to do. Tim tells him to relax, laugh, have fun, and -- if he's in trouble -- act like he's looking for someone. Them's the rules!

J.D. walks into another room and finds some people from the team at a bong, including someone who calls him "Naked Gun." Someone offers him a beer and another guy says that J.D.'s body "is a temple." He doesn't drink soda, eat candy, or drink beer. Oh yeah! J.D. has a beer. You knew this was coming, but it's still pretty cool. The specter of D.W. Moffett as J.D.'s dad hangs over everything and the dude is so good, it feels like J.D. just got an eyeliner tattoo.

In the vein of Can't Hardly Wait, J.D. gets buck-wild. Unfortunately, it looks like some people capture the buck-wildness on their iPhones. At some point, Tim and Lyla retrieve a very drunk J.D. and remove him from the party.

At the dance, Eric surprises Tami from behind. She says that she thought he was Mr. Stackhouse. She asks him where he's been. He says he has been getting dressed, which naturally doesn't fly because he's super late. She asks why he has paint in his hair. He has paint in his hair! He's been helping Jason! Right? That's so amazing. She says that she could fire him, but he reminds her that she'd have to go through the Board of Supervisors and the Boosters. The fight is done and they dance.

Julie and Matt are sitting at a campfire. Julie tells him that veggie hot dogs are amazing, but he says that he will stick to the regular hot dogs, like the one he's eating. She asks him if he know that he's eating pig eyes and intestines and whatnot. He says that he does know, but they're good. I've known so many couples like this. The enlightened girl and the simple guy who's still pretty cool for liking the enlightened girl. It's sweet. Then, Matt says that he thinks food tastes better when eaten outside. Julie agrees. So sweet. Then, Julie says that they should probably leave. Matt agrees. Then, they start making out. No, like really making out. She pushes him away for a second to get a look at his face and (maybe?) sort of check in with him, then she starts kissing him again. Then, they lay down. You know what that means.

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Friday Night Lights




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