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All Work and No Beer…

The next morning, Matt drives Julie home. I hope that Landry didn't need his car. They kiss when they reach Julie's house, then she gets out. He smiles and drives away. She goes to her room and looks at herself in the mirror. She LOOKS at herself in the mirror. Then, she laughs a little and puts her face in her hands.

At church, it looks like J.D. is upright. Julie and Matt keep stealing glances at each other from across the aisle, which, strike me dead, is so sweet. Especially with this tender score. The music is so perfect on this show. I have a friend who finds Matt so mopey and depressing, but this shit is sweet.

Later, while people are eating at the church brunch/banquet/whatever, Joe approaches Coach with J.D. in tow. He says that J.D. has something to tell him. J.D. proceeds to tell him that he got really drunk the night before and he's sorry. Weird, yes? Joe continues that J.D. has let everyone down and he thought that he should come to Coach. Coach says he understands and nods at J.D. a little like, "I understand that your father makes Dina Lohan look like Ellen Degeneres's mom."

At the Garrity house, things are moving along. In fact, it looks pretty good. Jason gets a phone call and it's Erin. They're not in Connecticut. They have another day to go. OK, that's a long freaking time to get from Texas to Connecticut. Two days drive at the most -- and we know that this episode has covered at least four days. Maybe it's different with an infant? I don't know. Jason says that he misses them. She replies haltingly that they miss him and love him too. He asks that she put Noah on the phone and she asks if she's really that boring to talk to. He says that he just doesn't want his son to forget the sound of his voice. There's something menacing about this. She puts the phone to Noah's ear and Jason tells him how much he loves him. Then, he sings the song "Dear Liza" to him. It's sweet. All of the people working at the house stop and listen, especially when he starts doing the high-pitched girl part.

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