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All Work and No Beer…

Jason is saying goodbye to Erin and Noah as she's about to drive away. He seems incredibly sad, but he's trying to stay upbeat. Erin rushes the proceedings and says that she wants to get on the road while Noah is still calm. Yeah, that's much more important that a man saying goodbye to his infant son. She's a winner, this one. She says half-assedly that she wishes she knew how to stay there. Jason jokingly says it's simple -- she just parks the car and stays. Erin takes the baby to his car seat and Jason tells her that she should tell her mother that Noah gets his good looks and manners from him. I'm assuming that since the woman raised Erin, she'll know that without being told. Jason says that he's going to flip the Garrity house, which will provide "them" with a really nice cushion. It will allow them to "just be together." Ouch, that breaks my heart. She looks like she's done -- she says that they will see what happens, then she gives him a tender kiss. Some would say that's a "goodbye forever" kiss. He tells her that she should hit the road, because he doesn't want them driving too late. As she gets into the car, he says "I love you. I love you both." She doesn't respond, just drives away. Wow, that's sad. As they drive off, he waves and hangs his head as he fights off tears. Credits.

It's morning and Coach is feeding the baby. Tami thanks him for making coffee (he's sort of perfect, yes?) and says that she's excited for the school dance that's coming up that weekend. She says that Coach is going to be her "hot husband date." He informs her that it's the principal who is required to be a chaperone at the school dance, not him. Tami explains that it's his role as HUSBAND that requires him to attend. He says that he has "other things" planned, but she says that she'll need his help chaperoning. Most importantly though, she wants him to be her date. As an incentive, Tami says that Julie will be attending the dance. Uh, no she's not, she replies. Tami is stunned. Why doesn't anyone want to go to this dance? You keep that enthusiasm, Tami. Don't let the haters bring you down.

At the McCoy household, the family is sitting down for breakfast. Joe wants to propose a toast to "QB1" and Katie's all excited to join in, but J.D. doesn't participate. He wants to save the toast until after the game. Joe says that it's Westerby and they're going to beat them easily. Katie, apparently believing that breakfast is not the place to ramp up your kid's anxiety level, asks J.D. a more "important" question. Does he think any of the cheerleaders are cute? He still looks nervous. He says that, yeah, he does. In fact, he's proposed to two of them. Nice deadpan there, J.D. Katie laughs and reminds him that he's only allowed to propose to one at a time. Joe says that J.D. is NOT getting serious about any girls right now. Uh, yeah, Katie knows. She says that she was just making a joke as J.D. is rolling his eyes at his dad. Joe keeps it heavy and intones gravely that J.D. has been under a lot of pressure recently (I wonder where that pressure came from?), but has worked hard and shown everyone what he is made of. "For that, I am very, very proud." Seriously, when I was that age, I'd crawl under the table if my dad talked to me like that. J.D. briskly says thanks and stares at his breakfast.

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