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All Work and No Beer…

From the exterior of the Saracen home (with the "#7 Saracen" sign on the lawn), we hear Grandma Saracen ranting. She thinks that Coach Taylor must have "lost his natural mind." Matt is QB1 -- he won State! Matt, who is with a silent Landry, just sort of smiles and agrees with her. She tells him that he should simply go to Coach's office and tell him that he made a mistake making him second string, a mistake that it's not too late to correct. I'm going to start trying that, you know, with just stuff. "You raised my rent, but that was a mistake. And, it's not too late to correct it!" She says, "You wait 'til I deal with it." Matt and Landry say goodbye as Grandma goes apoplectic and shouts, "He thinks he knows football!" That lady is awesome.

At Buddy Garrity's house, Jason and the crew are ready to get started. Tim Riggins has joined them. When asked how he got out of school, he says that he told them he was pregnant. Jason pulls out a project list and Herc starts riding him for being bossy. Billy Riggins takes a look at the list and asks why he and the non-wheelchair bound people have to take on the upstairs projects. Good for him for having challenge blindness or whatever you want to call it, but what an idiot. Jason says that he's going to forget that he even said that. He adds that he thinks that the bathrooms would be a good place to begin. They'll need a sledgehammer, so he asks Billy if he could pick one up. Easy enough, right? No. Billy stomps off all annoyed because he doesn't like to be told what to do. Herc takes that as confirmation that Jason is a bossy britches. Tim just says, "That was abrupt." This is going to be difficult.

Landry is playing music in a garage with his band. It's not going well. He sings, "Karma stole my heart and soul. Left me here-." It falls apart and they stop playing. Kaster asks what the song is about. Landry says that it's about a lot of things and is hard to explain. Jimmy, the drummer, says that the song is really slow. Well, Landry says, not all of their songs can be really fast. Then, as if it were common knowledge, he tells Jimmy that he's not very good. Kaster jumps in and says that not everything is the fault of the drummer -- just as the drummer is leaving. Jimmy's out of there. Landry says that he will see him tomorrow, but I don't know. Kaster takes off too. He says that he really wanted this band to be bigger than Crimson Thorn was. Dear Lord. Well, Landry says that he retains the rights to use their current name, Crucifictorious. Wow. He repeats that he'll see Jimmy the next day, but Jimmy's all "Hell no." We'll see. Landry is deaf to criticism.

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Friday Night Lights




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