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All Work and No Beer…

Tyra is at work and Cash is visiting her. He suggests she take off from work early and visit him at the pool hall. He's foxy. She says that she can't -- she has to help with decorations for the school dance. Plus, she needs the extra income as it's college application time and the fees are like $150 apiece. Jesus! They were like $45 when I was applying. That's effing expensive. Cash reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wad of cash. He tells her that he's just making sure his girl gets to go to the college she wants. She refuses at first, but he convinces her to take the money. Then, off-handedly, she asks him if he has any interest in attending the dance with her. He doesn't, but he would like to pick her up from the dance.

The Panthers are practicing. J.D. doesn't connect with his receiver on a pass and Coach tells him to plant his feet. Then, the other players call J.D. "Naked Gun" and "QB Buns." It looks like Coach hears them too. He tries to give J.D. some further instruction, but the jeering from the other players kind of drowns everything out.

Later, Coach has called Tim into his office. He wants to talk about The Naked Mile. Tim explains that it is a Panther tradition. Well, Coach reminds him that there's a big game coming up and the team needs to be focused -- the Team Captain should know that. I thought J.D.'s dad said that Westerby was an easy win? Never mind. Coach says further that J.D. is a young quarterback who needs to know that his team is behind him. Tim says that they are, "especially" (or, only) on the field. Does J.D. know that? "Yes," answers Tim. Hmm. He's lying to Coach or himself there. The team respects Tim, so if Tim accepts J.D., the team will follow suit. Coach says that he needs that -- he needs Tim to fix this. Tim says that he doesn't understand what Coach means by that. Coach says that Tim is a senior and will not be wearing the Panther uniform much longer -- he should think about what that means. Now he gets it, or he says he does. Then, he leaves without another word. And Coach Taylor sits there in virtual darkness. Is he conserving energy? It is freaking dark in his office.

Later, Tim is waiting for J.D. in his pick-up when he leaves practice. He tells J.D. that he's going to give him a ride and J.D. sort of begs off, saying that he was going to get on the bus. "Get in the truck, One-Two." So, he does, throwing his bag in the bed before getting in the cab. Tim asks J.D. if he's had a tour of Dillon. He has. "Not my Dillon, my friend. Let's go." This is gonna be good. They leave as the marching band is rehearsing on the field. Not to be a total geek, but, the school year has begun, yes? My days as an alto saxophonist help me recall that you rarely have nighttime rehearsals, especially after the school year has begun. You've already done it a million times by then-- if it's not muscle memory by that point, it's hopeless. But, for argument's sake, I guess they could be preparing for some sort of competition. I feel like a dork and that someone is about to give me a wedgie.

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