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All Work and No Beer…

As they're driving, J.D. asks where they're going. Tim tells him to look out the window for a place he needs to remember. It's The Landing Strip. He says that his brother's future wife works there and probably will for the rest of her life. That place really exists, ya'll. It's on the north(?) side of Austin, near Round Rock, I think. It is ROUGH. Tim says with much authority, "You are not ready for that, son. And when you are, you will know." That's sexy. I wonder if Tim Riggins will ever know less about things like that. I mean, will he ever meet someone who's like Tim Riggins to him. I somehow doubt it. Further down the road, they pass Fran's Hamburgers -- home of the best burger in town. Fran's also has the "best fans in all of high school football. Home of the real rally girls, and I hope you know what that means." I don't, but I feel like I do now that he's told me that I should. Girls scream at Tim as he honks and waves as they drive by. They pass a place named Smitty's. It's a dive bar where they know Tim as "Toby, 2-time Iraq Veteran." That's amazing. He says that J.D. should go there if he ever wants to get away from anyone or anything. Then, he points at a side street and says that "Lisa" lives there. J.D. is about to say that he doesn't know who Lisa is when Tim cuts him off. "You will. You will. She's good times." Jesus, that's so wrong, yet kinda perfect. I think Lisa was in my Driver's Ed class. J.D. looks longingly down the street as they pass, the world opening up to him like a magnificent vagina.

The tour completed, Tim drops J.D. off at his ridiculous Texas McMansion with a "McCoy #12" sign in the front yard. J.D. is lighter -- he has had a good time. He says that this was fun and gets out of the truck. Before he goes inside, he asks Tim if Coach put him up to this, to which he answers, "No." He seems to believe him and goes inside.

Next, we have a scene from Cinderella or something equally archaic. Mindy is trying on a dress with Angela and Tyra present. Tyra has her head buried in a book and doesn't at first see the ridiculous dress that Mindy is wearing. It's the frou-frou white number that is super low in the back. With wings. Yes, wings. Angela is going crazy over her "little girl" and how beautiful she thinks it is. Suddenly, Tyra looks up and sees the dress. She tries to gently tell Mindy that her ass crack is visible. Angela's response? "Just a smidge." Just a smidge of your ass crack is showing. That's amazing. She adds that the dress is subtle and tasteful, which is maybe a little condescending to the character, but also funny. Angela asks Tyra what she's working on -- it's an application for the University of San Francisco. Angela would like to know how Tyra expects to "hold onto that cowboy" when she's all the way in California. She replies that she's not trying to hold onto anything. She adds that Cash is supportive of her, which makes Angela laugh. She explains that Cash gave her money for her applications and Angela perks up. "They don't normally like to take care of you just like that." Is this The Real Housewives of Dillon? She tells Tyra to hold onto "that man." She's speaking from experience. Ew.

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