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It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy

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All Work and No Beer…

Julie and Coach are in the grocery store. Julie stops Eric from getting a burrito. She says that they are disgusting and not really food at all. Killjoy. They bump into Matt and Grandma at the Little Debbie display. Coach is all smiles, but Grandma is having none of it. She thinks that Coach needs to make Matt QB1 and she's going to tell the poor guy why. Gram knows a lot about football. Matt tries to stop her, but she shushes him. This leaves Matt and Julie time to walk away and chat in an awkward young love sort of way. It couldn't make me happier. Julie asks him if he wants to get a cup of coffee, and he replies that they could get lunch -- as Grandma could talk all day about this. Julie asks if his Grandma has taken his demotion hard and he tells her that "demotion" is a little harsh. She smiles and asks him what he'd like her to say and he replies, "I guess 'demotion' is appropriate." He tells her (as we see a shot of their feet being all fidgety and cute teenager) that he's been on the bench a lot at practice, but that gives him more of a chance to talk with Landry, who is always there. This gets a cute little giggle from Julie.

Grandma is finished talking with Coach. She says she wants him to think about what she has said. "It's hard to be mad at ya, Coach Taylor," she says as she gives him a hug and he laughs. She calls after him again to think on what she's said. "Yes, Ma'am."

They're working at Buddy Garrity's place. Jason, who I think has been getting permits, arrives to find Herc knocking down a wall. He screams for Billy. Herc says that he's just "improvising." This is a disaster. Billy wheels in a toilet that Herc calls "the Cadillac of Toilets." It has bidets, which 75% of East Texans have, don't know if you're aware. And, it cost $1700. Jason freaks. He asks Billy what he was thinking and he replies, "You have to spend money to make money." Jason reminds him that they're on a budget and, if they don't stay within that budget, they won't be making any money. Not in this freaking housing market, that's for sure. Jason says that he would have been better off calling his granny and her bridge club to help finishing the house. Heh. He asks Billy if he's even looking at the work list that he made. Yeah, he is, he screams. Why don't we nail the list to the wall? He says that he's sick of being treated like an idiot, especially considering he's worked in construction before. Then, he grabs a nail gun and promptly sends a nail through his hand. Jason is seeing his dreams of a united family crumble. Herc laughs and Tim asks Billy if it hurts. "Shut the hell up and give me some pliers!" he screams.

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Friday Night Lights




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