Friday Night Lights
It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy

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All Work and No Beer…

Tyra is at home making decorations for the dance. We hear a radio announcer say that J.D. will be QB1 at the game that week, which prompts Tyra to change the channel. There's a knock at the door. She opens the door to find a young woman holding a toddler. Things like this never go well. She asks to see Cash, but Tyra tells her that Cash doesn't live there. She says she'd heard that Cash had been hanging around there a lot, but Tyra tells her that she heard wrong. Had she? He may not be living there, but hasn't he hung around a little? Then, the woman just starts calling for Cash. Tyra says that she doesn't know what this is about, but the dude does not live there. "Oh, what a surprise. The pretty girl is out of the loop." She says that Tyra should just tell Cash that he owes Ali and Tucker $1600 in child support. Oh geez. Tyra looks stunned as Ali walks away with the kid.

It's game time. It's the last 20 seconds of the game and the Panthers are winning 31 to 17. Slammin' Sammy says that all the Panthers have to do is "take a knee" (one of my favorite sayings in the world -- ask anyone who knows me, I love to invoke a knee-taking) to win the game, which J.D. does. Slammin' Sammy declares J.D.'s debut as QB1 "unbelievable. This kid lit it up like the 4th of July." The crowd goes wild. Matt stays on the sidelines as the team rushes the field. He looks up to see his Grandma staring sternly. Bless her heart. Slowly, he joins the team. We see another shot of Grandma -- she has been crying.

In the locker room, Tim makes plans to meet some people and says that J.D. will be joining them. They don't believe him, but he grabs J.D. and tells him that it's time for them to go make some memories. That sounds kind of hot. J.D. seems excited to join them, when we hear Joe "Mama Rose" McCoy enter the locker room. He's all, "Where's my boy!" It's pretty gross and scares everyone off. He approaches J.D. and tells him that it was a great game and just generally dominates the area, making Riggins shrink away. Then, he tells J.D. that they and Mom are going to celebrate at Applebee's. That's an oxymoron, right? I hate me some Applebee's, people. With the exception of that lovely Bloomin' Onion contraption or whatever it is. Then, he leads J.D. out as the players and Coach look on silently. Tim has a look of pity and, almost, fear on his face. Is anyone getting a whiff of some Robert Sean Leonard in Dead Poets Society? I hope not, but I'm feeling it.

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Friday Night Lights




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