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All Work and No Beer…

The next week, post-practice, Lyla is waiting for Tim when he gets out. She looks good! Cute little peasant dress and cowboy boots. Lookin' good, Lyla. She wants to check in with him about tonight. No answer. It's the dance! The Dillon dance. He still doesn't register anything, but acts like he knows what she's talking about. She figures he's forgotten about it and tries to crack his act by asking where it is. "C'mon, it's in Dillon." I love this guy. She says that she thinks it would be fun -- something to do before "it's all over." He asks her if she'll be wearing something to the dance that is as cute as what she's wearing right now. She giggles and says, "Maybe." Well, then, he says that he will be going to the dance "with bells on" and they will have the time of their lives. He loves dances, he says. This dude is DANGEROUS. Seriously, he could talk me into letting him perform a kidney transplant on myself. They giggle and hug and kiss.

Jason is at the hardware store ordering some lumber when Coach arrives. They greet each other and Coach says that he has a "Honey-Do List." I don't know if you Yankees know from a Honey-Do List, but it goes like this: you start making a list when your partner is all "Honey, do this" and "Honey, do that." My dad loves to talk about a Honey-Do List. He asks Jason what his list is for and he tells him that he and the Riggins brothers and Herc bought Buddy Garrity's house and are flipping it. He totally puts on a brave face and actually makes it sound like a good idea. They're going to make it more upscale, it's a bad market but they've got a good team, they're working around the clock. Poor Jason. Coach seems totally and rightfully incredulous. Jason invites him to drop by the house some time and, though he's still stunned, he says that he will. Coach walks away like Jason just told him he's starting a hedge fund.

Tyra is at work at Applebee's telling Julie how stupid she feels about the situation with Cash. Julie offers that maybe there is an explanation, but Tyra isn't buying it -- she doesn't think it could be any worse than it is. Julie suggests that Ali being Cash's sister would be a lot worse. It lightens the mood and Tyra giggles and says that sounds like something Landry would say. Suddenly, Julie alerts Tyra to the presence of one Mr. Cash. Then, she smartly walks away. Because she's at work and she can't properly freak out on him, Tyra just snaps that he shouldn't touch her and he should leave. He wants to know what she's talking about, so she blurts out as calmly as she can (which isn't very calm) that a woman came to her house with a baby looking for him. He asks for the opportunity to explain, but she refuses and grabs the tips from her apron and gives it to him and tells him to give it to Ali for child support. She tells him to go and he does as she breaks down in tears. Frankly, she's a pretty enough girl that, if any of her tables saw her crying, it would probably help her tips. Seriously. My parents would totally give her more money. I'd just ask for more honey mustard, but I'm an asshole like that.

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