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All Work and No Beer…

It's garage rehearsal time with Landry. He clumsily tries to make things kosher with Jimmy who, as Landry predicted, has come back. He still looks kind of pissed though and hopefully Landry has learned his lesson about lashing out. Heh, I doubt he's learned that. They're auditioning for a new bassist. The first guy just can't do it. He sucks. Landry thanks him, but tells him that it "just didn't feel right." The next guy is a hot dog and starts soloing in the middle of his audition. When he's done, Landry asks, "Did you have fun?" He doesn't get the job either. As he's walking away, the next auditioner arrives. Her name is Devin and she says that she is in freshman chorus and is trying to expand, music-wise. Hmm. Experience watching television scenes where people interview dates, nannies, and bassists tells me that she'll be the one.

Landry and Jimmy seem a little hesitant about Devin at first, but then they start playing. She picks up very quickly and watches Landry for cues. Then, he starts singing his karma song. He gets a few lines in then drops out. I think he's having guitar issues or something. So, Devin steps in and sings what he'd sung before. Bitch can wail! They finish up and Landry says it was a lot of fun. Jimmy says that she should be in and Landry agrees, but first says that they have all the vocal help that they need. He's a bit of a diva, no?

Jason is at the Garrity house, looking around dejectedly. Coach pays him a visit and just pops his head in the back. Jason greets him with cheer. Coach looks like he's seen a bombsite and rightfully so. The place looks horrible. Jason's a little loopy at this point and says that things are progressing -- they've taken a perfectly livable place and turned it into something that a bum would turn his nose up at. Coach offers that his father used to say that it always looks bad before it gets better, but Jason says he doesn't think it's going to get any better. He says that his wife and child are in a car to Connecticut and he just wanted to be able to support them. He doesn't want to be a deadbeat dad. He just wants to be able to offer something to them.

Coach tells him to hold on a second. He's not going to be a deadbeat dad. He's only 20 -- he's not supposed to know what he's going to do with the rest of his life. He says, forcefully, that Jason is following through with what he thinks is right and that's what he should be doing. He's made a plan and he's executing it. What's wrong with that? He has to give himself a chance though. He's got to give his plan time. He can't beat himself up for taking chances. If he starts giving up on what he set out to do, he'll get nowhere. Coach can promise him that. God, that's what's so good about this show. I went to school in Texas and found the football mania to be a bit crazy at times, but men like this seriously shape people's lives. They're made for it. That's just very inspirational. Usually, to feel that way, I have to listen to Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" 4 times in a row, and here Kyle Chandler does it for me in 25 seconds. That was a great little speech. Someone should get something for it. Jason seems like he's hearing what Coach said, because, honestly, how could he not?

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