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Taylor household, morning. Coach tells his daughter they have to get going early as the brake fluid light is on in the truck, but she breezily just tells him that she has a ride and that she's going to the movies on Saturday with Matt and they'll be back in time for the cheerleading thing. Her parents are a couple steps behind, and she doesn't let them catch up. She walks out the door and into Landry's station wagon. Matt holds the door for her and lets her get in the front seat (aw!), calling out, "Morning Coach!" (aww!) and "Mrs. Coach!" (awwwwww!). Tami frets about who is driving the car, and as they pull away -- Landry driving very herky-jerkily -- she calls out "Watch the curb, whoever you are!" Left alone on their front stoop, Coach angrily declares that he's going to have a talk with Matt -- "I'm gonna have a Matt Chat" -- while his wife tells him what a bad idea that sounds like.

In Coach's office, he hands Matt a stack of DVDs to watch, in order to study the defense of some other team. He expects Matt to be able to discuss it all intelligently by Monday. Matt stutters that he had plans with Julie this weekend. Coach lies and dumbly says he wasn't aware of that, but reminds Matt that he's QB1 and so needs to get his priorities in order. I can't believe Matt can't figure out a way to both go on a date and watch five hours of football in one weekend. There are, last I checked, forty-eight hours in which to get all that done. Boy must be planning on one long-ass date with his sweetheart.

In the hallway, Waverly tells Smash she isn't "going all the way over there for a football game," so he's apparently asked her to travel to their away game. A couple of suggestive dance-team/drill-team/slut-team/whatever-team girls sway toward Smash and tell him they'll be watching him tonight. He tells Waverly not to mind them. She wants to know why he wants to hang out more since they already caught up during dinner. Smash tells her that "Smash don't take no for an answer." She laughs and says, "Yeah, but he loves talking about himself in the third person, which, by the way, is incredibly annoying." Burn. Music cues up, and someone calls out to Smash that the bus is waiting, so he desperately proposes miniature golf, no football talk, to Waverly. She tells him she'll think about it.

Cut immediately to television coverage of the Panther win against the loser Timberwolves. Jason watches the news in his room, Matt's grandma watches while Matt waves his stupid game tapes around hoping to use the TV that night, Tim and Billy watch while kicking back with some french fries, and then with Tim getting up and having to punch the TV to get reception, and that is not only nice continuity but also a nice reminder that it is on the fritz from getting smashed to the ground during the Riggins boy-on-boy fight action a few episodes back that sent that TV crashing to the ground. Jason turns from the TV and looks out the window of his room, notices Lyla standing out on the curb under a street light.

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