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Smash and Waverly are playing miniature golf, so I guess she didn't have to think too long about the date. Smash tells her that he wants to go to UT and she expresses surprise that he could get in there. He says he can as long as he keeps getting touchdowns. She says she was wondering about how he'd get in academically, and he sort of brushes that questions off. He asks her if she's still thinking about med school and she's surprised he remembers. Smash charmingly avers, "Steel trap, baby" and then goes on to remember when they first moved there how she and Sheila and another girl would play doctor in the choir room. I didn't realize they were Catholic. (Rim shot, please). They joke about how he always wanted to play dirty, and then Waverly gets serious, saying she's not sure med school is the best thing for her now, though she knows it would make her father happy. Well what about your secret love child, Waverly? Will it make him happy, hmnh? Smash brings up Africa and she gets vague again and he starts pressing her, remarking how weird it is that she doesn't want to talk about Africa. But they get interrupted by some girls running up and congratulating him on the win. He charms around a bit about going to state and when he turns his attention back to Waverly she points out that he's got a bit of a nose bleed. She gets a tissue and they sit down while he tries to stop it. Waverly sort of non sequiters, "You know, I don't think you spent that money on an S.A.T. class." He quickly counters that he doesn't think she went to Africa. They sort of grin with their respective secrets.

Out front of Jason's house. Lyla stands on the street, Jason up on the sidewalk, they're both in the glare of the street lamp. Jason low-blows that he doesn't lie as well as Lyla does, so he can't say anything nice to her. She gets frustrated and says she made "one mistake," but neglects to add "multiple, incredibly pleasurable times," which I think is a good, rhetorical choice on her part. Jason yells at her that she made three mistakes: doing it, lying to him about it, and then the fact that she did it with his best friend. Lyla yells back at Jason, shouting through her clenched teeth that she was there for him every day and every night. Jason tells her that he didn't ask for any of that, and that he really didn't ask for her to break his heart. Lyla tells him that seeing him the hospital broke her heart, that she was lost and alone and that she messed up. I can't tell if her restraining herself from reminding him that he threw her out of his room the night she first made out with Tim is a sign of maturity or misguided pride on her part. She tells Jason that if he can't ever forgive her, she understands but "Believe me when I say that you are the only thing I have in the whole world" and after this episode we sort of have to take her at her word. Girlfriend doesn't have any girlfriends, a simpering mom, and an only momentarily-decent dad. She really is the lonely beautiful girl. Let's all take a moment and "awww" for the pretty girl with the sad inside.

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