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Okay, I did it again. Got all cynical and hard in order to distract myself from all the CRYING and heartfelt sympathy I have for these poor (beautiful) kids. Lyla turns to go, but Jason catches her hand in his claw and brings it to his mouth. This kills me. He sort of rubs her hand into his face while sobbing, "I can't. I can't. I just can't." Commercials brought to you by the Committee Reminding Viewers to Just Go Put Yourselves Back Together and Quit Your Sniffling.

Cheer competition day. Big crowds mill about outside. The Panther bus pulls into the parking lot, Coach giving the girls a pep talk, the girls "whooing!" and putting on lip gloss. This is the kind of sport I like. The kind that involves lip gloss and bouncy Prell hair. Shots of other teams warming up, doing insane shit like standing back tucks. Okay, maybe this is not the kind of sport I like, as it is the kind where lots of times you face-plant into a mat with some serious G-force.

Back at the Taylor house, Coach rushes in with his golf clubs and Tami calls out that he's late. He jokes about selling the house to become a member at Buddy's country club. Does Buddy own a country club? Tami rushes to make him a quick sandwich and then informs him that Julie is getting a ride to the cheerleading thing with Matt. Coach is confused. Tami sarcastically tells him she's been at his house all morning going over game tapes with Matt. Tami snarks that "Your Matt Chat didn't go as well as expected." Coach has been foiled, big time. Tami puts the nail in the coffin of his Big Dad on Campus act when she tells him that Julie "told me to tell you to go right ISO when you're in the nickel package. Apparently they've got a corner who's short and slow." Coach's hair is sort of like "Oh, you can't win 'em all," and he has a slight smile as he asks if Julie really said that "like that?"

The Garrity household, where it has started raining, for some reason. Tim knocks on the door, Buddy sort of rushes the door asking him what he wants before Lyla busts through the parental barrier and steps outside to talk with him. Tim tells her she should go to the cheerleading competition. He says she's "an incredible cheerleader" which, ha! He thinks that she feels the same way when she cheers that he does when he plays, "that nothing else matters." He tells her not to give up and then sort of awkwardly leans in and hugs her, and then walks off to his truck. She looks sad, but convinced that he's right. I sort of preferred when Lyla had decided to quit, but whatever, at least we'll get to see her in a short skirt one more time.

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