Friday Night Lights
It's Different For Girls

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Girls Team

Lyla does the opening tumbling pass, and we cut between the girls' routine and the excited crowd, including Tim and the Garritys (Lyla's little sister also in tow). Lyla makes it all look easy as at one moment, she has a long enough pause to look up meaningfully into the stands, a look that Tim follows back and up, and we see that Lyla is meaningfully smiling at Jason, who watches her intently. And then, she shoots up into some insane airborne arabesque. It is different for girls. You not only have to do your sport, you have to pretend like it isn't a sport at all, like you haven't practiced for years and like your muscles aren't burning and you aren't sweating and you have to do it with a sweet smile. We end on a shot of Lyla in slow motion, popping up and down, clapping and smiling.

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Friday Night Lights




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