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Uninspiring Credits. Another morning, another ride in the Taylor Mobile brought to you by Panther Football Radio. Julie brats from the backseat about pleeeaase can we listen to something other than football. Her mother says sure and then offers to sing. Julie informs her parents she will be out on Saturday night. They ask for more information than that, and she says Matt is taking her to a music festival in Belton Lake. Her father immediately says no, but she reminds him that they agreed she could go on one date per weekend. Her mom wants to know how they're getting out there. Julie says Landry will drive. Tami looks quizzically at her husband -- "Who is Landry?" -- who responds, "That Lance kid," and her mom turns toward Julie in the backseat and declares "You're not goin' to Belton Lake with Lance." Heh. I feel like that was nearly Bringing Up Baby-worthy dialogue.

Coach clarifies that Julie can't go out with Matt on Saturday because Matt will be with him at (and he rolls these words out slowly and unsurely) "the...cheerleading..divisional...championship...title." Tami laughs and says, "It's the Cheerleading Classic!" Julie brats again, "Let me think about that?! Pass. Cheerleading is more pointless than football." Her father looks into the rearview mirror and retorts, "That's a sexist, sexist remark you just made," and I LOVE it. He tells his daughter that the football team is going to support the girls who support them every week. Meanwhile, Tami looks on in sort of confused awe at her husband. Julie is pissed and declares, "I want my own car," and her parents lose it in snarky laughter in the front. "She wants her own car! Hehheheheh. Dream on kid!" The Taylor Mobile zooms beyond the camera off into the Land of Realistic-Yet-Heightened-in-Good-Looks-and-Sheer-Awesomeness Families.

Over breakfast, Jason asks his parents some questions about a lawyer they've asked him to talk to the next night. He wonders how they can afford a lawyer; his mom says he doesn't get paid unless they win a settlement. While his mom talks, his father (who clearly thinks the bitch done gone crazy) sort of shoots passive-aggressive looks around the room, trying to dissociate himself from her litigious ways. Whatever, dude. If you've got other ideas for how to get shit paid for, why don't you speak up? Jason's mom is worried about him being okay at home alone and leans in to hug him tightly. His father reaches out and they fist bump. His father has the most disgusting gelled man-bangs I've ever seen. They leave him be, and the camera pulls back on Jason, alone in this boring suburban house, at the dining table, a bowl of sad, soggy cereal in front of him. He just seems so trapped. But I refuse to cry, again, before even the next commercial break.

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