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"5, 6, 7, 8!" We cut over to the cheerleaders who are practicing their routine in the gym in full uniform. They finish the cheer portion of the routine -- the minute of cheering that is required so that these competitions don't turn into five minutes of full-on Who Can Defy Death More Perkily By Repeatedly Launching 80 Pound Girls Two Stories Into the Air. The coach asks the girls to get into their stunt groups. Unfortunately, Britney is in Lyla's stunt group. We saw in the first scene that Britney was getting tossed when Lyla was late to practice, but that when Lyla showed up she took her place. So I guess her vicious sexual policing of Lyla is due to a deep desire to get chucked into the air in a wholly unsafe manner? How typical. As they get in position, Britney spotting Lyla in the front, she asks Lyla what her favorite sexual position is, and one of the bases snarks that she's sore and hopes she can hold the cradle. Lyla, again, doesn't say anything, and on the count the girls go into the stunt. Lyla goes up, but the whole unit loses their grip on Lyla, and she tumbles to the ground on top of them. Lyla pops up and goes after Britney, and it's all slapping and pushing for a few seconds before the coach intervenes and demands to know what is going on. The girls are silent so the coach tells them they have to work it out. "We have been working all year for this Saturday. And you" -- focusing on Lyla -- "I don't know what you've been doing this week. Are you with this team?" Lyla replies "Yes, ma'am" twice, her face blank and vacant when she does.

Jason wheels out the front door, pulling it closed behind him with the rope that's been left there for that purpose. His neighbor and her young son are outside, and they come over to say hi. The kid is about eight or nine and has the most adorably insane buck teeth I've ever seen. Jason greets "Squirt" with a fist bump, and the kid awkwardly shuffles in front of his former-hero-neighbor. He asks "Can you walk?" and his mom jumps in to say that that wasn't nice. Which is too bad, because his instinct to ask about the facts is probably the one Jason most appreciates, rather than the sympathy and unasked for "prayers" adults are always offering. Adults are so lame. Jason tells her that his question is fine, and he explains that he can't walk. Then he adds, "yet" and I wonder when he got Lyla-lusional. Then he suggests that he could beat the little kid in a race and we cut to the two of them racing down the street. Squirt wins and then asks if they can race again. Jason says they shouldn't because he doesn't sweat like normal people anymore. Squirt's mom says it's time for his snack. They start to go in when Jason calls after him and reminds him not to play in the street, that what they just did was a one time thing. I wonder when the Pope is going to canonize Jason Street. Jason feeling good about himself, turns around and sees Lyla's car parked on the opposite curb. She's sitting inside watching him. He wheels over, and she steps out looking totally cute and fresh in pricey jeans, a white button-down, and cowboy boots. She says "Hi" gently and expectantly, but all Jason says is, "I got nothin' to say to you. Don't come back here," and then he turns and leaves. Ouch, man. Way to find a way to make us feel for your popular-girl character, show! Kick her, and then kick her some more. I love it.

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