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In class, Janice from Friends (this poor woman, with that kind of star-making turn) asks her students to note Homer's double standard in being soft on Ulysses's affair with Circe in The Odyssey. Smash jokes that Ulysses was "a pimp." You expect me to believe that Smash even read the Cliff's Notes version of the book? He continues on, in jackass evolutionary biologist terms (which, by the way, does anyone else feel that the fact that so many evolutionary biologists in large part spend all their time trying to simply confirm hackneyed gender is sad?) anyhow, and blabs about "the seed and the egg" and how men need to spread their seed and women need to grow the seed, one at a time. Janice from Friends pretends like she doesn't know what Smash is saying for two very sound pedagogical reasons: 1) to prevent herself from calling one of her students a jackass and 2) to allow other students to weigh in, thus responding to and teaching the moment. You like my pedagogy? Thought so. Except for that rarely happens. And what happens next NEVER happens. Waverly raises her hand and has an intelligent comment about how Smash is saying that monogamy is not natural, but challenging his terms and claiming that civilization is based on human beings repressing natural urges, that we might think of monogamy as a sign of higher evolution. Do you think it is odd that I feel like logging a warn note on all of their accounts for being totally off topic? It's The Odyssey people, not Stephen Jay Freaking Gould. During this whole scene, the camera pans in -- to underscore The Theme -- on Tim's face and Smash's face and Julie's face. And I'm afraid we'll never get to the bottom of why all these kids are in the same English class.

In the cafeteria, Lyla is in her Grandmotherly Cardigan of the Socially Outcast, sitting at the table eating alone, when two dudes come up and invite her to a party. Their invitation comes with a lot of mouth-breathing sexual innuendo, and Lyla just tries to ignore them until Tim Riggins walks up, shoos the nasty boys away and sits down with her. Meanwhile, we see Tami watching from the sidelines with concern in her eyes. Lyla asks Tim what he's doing: "Don't you know you're sitting with the school slut?" Tim broods until Lyla tells him, "It's different for girls. You can sleep around all you want; I make one mistake -- and it was a mistake..." She trails off as she looks around and notices other students staring at their table, mouths agape. Don't these people have Calculus tests or hair to brush? Anything more reasonably urgent than the fact that two teenagers had sex a couple of times? Lyla tells Tim that he's making it worse and he can't sit with her.

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