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In the hallway, Tyra catches up with Tim and demands to know what he was doing with Lyla in the cafeteria. But her intentions are more complicated than merely feeling like Tim's dalliance left her with egg on her face. She seems reluctantly concerned about Lyla, telling Tim that he's making it worse for her. Tim quietly tells Tyra to stay out of it, and realization washes over her face: "You're in love with her." The camera cuts between close-ups of both of them. Tim seems to just be realizing it himself, and Tyra, seeing him realize it, reflects more and more hurt in her eyes.

Buddy Garrity's car dealership. A small, ropey cowboy walks in and Buddy greets him heartily, calling him Ben. When Ben doesn't respond to Buddy's jostling, Buddy asks what's wrong. Ben tells him that he wants him to know that "Britney put some stuff on the internet about Lyla. Other kids added to it, but I'm pretty sure Britney started it." We cut to a few moments later as Ben's voice-over continues, seeing Buddy pull up a "slam page" on his daughter. His friend tells him that "it's bad, I'm not gonna lie to you," and then we cut to Buddy breathing sharply and tearing up as he looks at the website, and then back to his friend who says that he felt like he owed it to him to tell him in person. Good folks.

Tami's voice fades in over Buddy's drooping head, as she says, "It was medieval, it was like The Scarlet Letter." A few centuries difference, but we get the gist. And also, you would not believe how many students think The Scarlet Letter is a Puritan book, rather than a book written in 1850 about Puritans. She's playing solitaire and having a glass of wine as her husband eats his dinner. What a life. Coach jokes, "at least they didn't burn her at the goalpost." The doorbell rings and they're surprised. Coach answers it, and it's little Matt. Coach doesn't say anything, just glares at the kid interrupting their familial privacy. The camera pans on Matt's feet as he steps across the threshold and then steps back, realizing that Coach has not moved aside to let him in the house. Thankfully, Julie breezes past her father, grabs Matt by the hand, and tells her dad that she and Matt are going to watch TV. And lord, how I have forgotten the awkwardness of being a teenager, trying to do something like watch television with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and having your parents right there hovering around you. Thanks, show, for bringing it all back in cringes!

Over at the Street household, a lawyer asks Jason questions which he answers guilelessly for a while. He answers the lawyer's question about tackling drills, but when the lawyer keeps pressing him about whether or not Jason, personally, was drilled on tackling, and Jason keeps replying that no, he didn't, as he was the quarterback, Jason comes to his own slow realization that this guy is there to get him to say something that will incriminate Coach Taylor. Jason looks to his father for guidance, who just looks down because -- didn't you get the memo? -- he's hen-pecked by his evil wife. Jason snaps and goes off at the lawyer and his parents, telling them all that none of this is Coach Taylor's fault, that he was the one that threw the interception, got pissed, and went for the tackle. The lawyer reminds Jason that he tackled incorrectly, with his head down, because he hadn't been taught otherwise, and Jason really snaps, yelling at them all that they can try to get him to say whatever, but he'll never say that any of this was Coach's fault. The lawyer says all he needs to do is tell the truth, which he has, and the camera pulls back on the group, sitting in contentious silence.

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