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Back at the Taylors' house, Tami and Coach have bunkered down in their bedroom, still playing cards. Coach is pacing, wondering what Julie and Matt are doing. Tami jokes, "Probably having sex." Heh. Coach says he hates how Matt just shows up at his house, and then he moves to go out to check on them. Tami begs him not to, but he goes out anyway. Outside, we see Matt and Julie sitting in the dark, in the glow of the television with a blanket over their laps. This scene kills me, it is so awkwardly spot on. Matt dorkily asks Julie if she's "warm enough" while Julie just giggles like she's in a blanket-induced stupidity blackout. Coach walks out, flips on the lights, and brusquely asks, "What's goin' on out here?" When he sees that they're under a blanket, he freaks out, asking them who told them they could get a blanket. Julie tells him it's cold; he says well, yeah, because I like the AC low, and she responds, "hence the blanket." He asks his daughter pointedly when the program will be over (btw, they're watching The Office) and reminds her it's a school night. She reminds him it's only 9 PM, but Matt can hear loud and clear what Coach's questioning is really saying: "Get the eff out of my house and away from my daughter's blanket-covered lap." He hops up and says he should get going. He begins to tell Coach to tell his wife goodbye when Tami appears in the doorway and Matt tells her goodbye himself. Good home training, this kid. He pauses for an excruciating second in front of Julie before reaching out and shaking her hand goodbye. Once he's gone, Julie walks over to her dad, gets in his face and teens spitefully at him, "Thanks, dad," and then storm-sashays (because Julie is too put together to ever truly storm off) off to her room. Tami stares at her husband accusingly until he holds up the blanket like he's in the midst of his closing argument and says, "They had a blanket!" Tami pauses and then just says "You're an idiot." Television Perfection, once again.

Lyla is in her room looking at "The Official Lyla Garrity Slam Page," and I think I would not have made it to age thirty had the mean girls in my high school had access to the internet back then. Her dad knocks on her door and comes in just as she quickly shuts the cover of her laptop. She lies that she's just doing some research, and he looks pained that he can't help her at all.

The next day, high-spirited pep rally. The band blats "Rock and Roll Part 2." I believe they are working from the Jock Jams '93 version. The camera is sure to show both Landry and Julie having a good time and dancing along with the music, as if to say, "See? Even the slightly alienated enjoy the brass section's Gary Glitter at this school!" I do wonder if they'll ever have an episode titled "It's Different for Goths." Coach walks up to the microphone, thanks the cheerleaders, and tells the cheering crowd that the football team isn't the only team looking for "a W this weekend." He graciously mentions the cheerleading competition that's coming up and then asks "Suzanne, Ms. Durr" to come up to the microphone. She looks surprised and walks out in front of the crowd, and something about that exchange just really recalls those weird moments in high school where you do feel like you are part of a mini-community. Coach tells her and the cheerleaders that the team will be supporting them this weekend and she thanks him. He then grabs the microphone, leans in, and intones, "Ladies..." and we swing over to see Smash, The Galoot, Matt, a few other boys, and then Tim Riggins walk in, dressed in god-awful cheerleading outfits, with rat's nest wigs and garish make-up and unlikely shoes (Tim is wearing cowboy boots with his skirt). The crowd goes proverbially wild, and the boys ham it up in front of them before getting in a line and starting a terrible cheer. In the stands, Tami walks over to her daughter and gives her a terribly cute hip bump to sort of say, "look at your boyfriend!" The boys get into a kick-line, Rockette style, and Julie says to her mom "Matt's got some good-lookin' legs!" They finish their cheer and start goofing off, Tim doing some chicken-legged cartwheels, Smash strutting toward the crowd, turning around and kicking up his skirt over his shorts-clad butt. The camera ranges around the crowd, everyone hysterical over these boys in drag, and then, because we've had far too many good times in this scene, up to Tami who asks her daughter, "Where's Lyla?" Julie responds "How should I know?" but one thing we do know is that we're about to find out.

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