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Lyla is at her locker, looking at a note that says "For a good time, call Lyla...SLUT!!" Tami walks up and says that everyone missed her at the pep rally. She sees Lyla's stricken face and then looks at the note Lyla passes over to her. Tami remains Queen of the Awesome as she shakes her head and says, "Well that's just bush league. We don't listen to those jackasses." She throws her arm around the girl's shoulders and leads her to her office. Inside, Lyla tells Tami that she's been trying to just let people say what they were going to say, that she could tough it out. She blurts out that she's going to quit the cheerleading team. Tami doesn't judge, just says it would be a big move. Lyla tells her that her parents dressed her as a Panther cheerleader since she was five years old. That being a Panther cheerleader was supposed to be a dream come true. But that since Jason's accident, she's been pretending, that she is "done pretending that I care about any of this." Surprisingly intelligent words for a girl whose life plans had hinged simply on getting an M.R.S. degree.

In the locker room, Smash lingers after everyone else to take his 'roid pills surreptitiously. Out on the field, Smash leaves two of his teammates in the dust during a sprint. Coach asks what the number was and the assistant tells him "4.47, 4.46." They discuss Smash's increase in speed, the assistant saying he must be eating his Wheaties. Coach yells out to Smash that he's doing good work, and I find it somewhat unbelievable that Coach could be willfully blind about the sudden increase in speed and strength that Smash is showing.

Coach's office. Matt walks in and, in the most misguided attempt ever at "being a man," launches into a speech about how he "doesn't want this whole thing to be awkward." Coach asks him to clarify. Whenever Coach is dealing with the Matt/Julie issue, he gets this terrifyingly intense stare and stillness about him. Matt says, "this whole thing with Julie and I." Coach: "Julie and me." Matt: "Whawhawhawha?" Coach: "Julie and me. It's a common mistake." Hee. Matt tells Coach that he senses that he has a problem with them dating and Coach gives a little and says that the boy senses right. But when Matt proceeds to say that he won't stop seeing Julie no matter what anybody says, Coach stops him in his tracks and instructs him quite differently: "If I don't want you seeing my daughter, you won't see my daughter." Matt stumbles and mumbles and grumbles, trying to explain further, but Coach just talks over him, directing him right the hell out of his office.

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