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At the Garritys', Lyla's mom fusses in the kitchen in the background while Lyla mopes on an armchair in the foreground. Her mom wonders if she's talked to Jason, and Lyla sobs, "No." Her mom, who looks about thirty-five, assures her daughter that she wants to make all of it go away for her but she can't. She passes on some wisdom her own mother gave her: "God created sin so that we might know his mercy." These people sure are taking their daughter's sexual activity in stride. My parents would probably have logged their own shrieking denouncements onto the slam page had they found out not only that I was doing my boyfriend, but also my boyfriend's best friend in high school.

At the Williams', Smash is fretting around, worrying his mother about whether she's on top of the gumbo. She snarks, "Boy, I been making this gumbo since Michael Jackson had a nose like yours!" Smash turns his attention to his sister, who he says is dressed inappropriately "for pastor." She's wearing slacks and a sweater. He doesn't have much more time to fret, though, because there's a knock at the door and Smash goes to let Pastor and Waverly in. Waverly sasses a bit at Smash as she walks in, and I think this girl seems somewhat wordly and urban for her role, but perhaps that might be a point later on. We cut to Smash saying grace at the head of the table and then the minute everyone says "amen" launching into an interrogation of Waverly. She demurs, suggesting her father would prefer to talk about football, but Smash presses on, "You were in Africa, right? Doing some kind of missionary work?" Her father steps in and speaks for her. Smash returns the focus to her, asking if she has any pictures, and adding, "Shoot, I never even been outta Texas." Waverly answers vaguely, saying it was all just "fun, hard work" et cetera. Her father steps in again and changes the subject to college. Pastor asks Brian about his S.A.T. class and he answers about as vaguely as Waverly had about Africa. Secret Buddies!

Jason is working on getting himself into bed when Tim walks in his bedroom door. Jason clips, "Yes?" and Tim hoarsely says, "I guess what I came here to tell you is that Lyla is completely in love with you." Jason is like, "Dude, you are not who I need to hear about Lyla from." Tim tells Jason that she's going through hell at school, that she quit the cheerleading team, and that she's losing it. Taylor Kitsch is sort of not really nailing any of these lines. Just stick to looking pretty, son. Tim apologizes, but Jason tells him "not right now," and he and his lank hair -- bad boy hygiene lends itself quite well to "depression" -- turn to leave.

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