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Jumping The Gun

The Alamo Freeze. All the kids, hanging out. An old white guy approaches Smash and tells him that he played a great game last night. It's TMU's rep, and they are asking Smash to play for them. He offers a full scholarship and asks for a verbal commitment. Smash clearly wants to accept, but stutters something about the fine print. The guy sells him some more on how they'll work to get him to the NFL. Smash shakes his hand, and the man starts to walk away when Smash calls after him to say that it's always been his dream to play for TMU. Really? Who knew! The whole place goes silent as the man asks Smash whether he can take that as a verbal commitment. Smash hesitates for like a second before declaring that he's "gonna play for the U!" Everyone erupts in applause, Noelle appears at his side smiling like a terrifying smiling troll, and then Smash runs off to go tell his mom. Wow, what an ending to...a completely undeveloped storyline.

Julie mopes on the couch; Eric comes in and sits next to her. A second Wilco song, this time the title track off the latest album Sky Blue Sky, plays. I guess somebody has to pay for Tweedy's nice digs in our neighborhood. He tells her that he is really disappointed in her, and he doesn't know when he'll be able to trust her again. He's beyond anger; what he thinks he mostly is, is "hurt." He tells her she is too young to be drinking -- well, Eric, that has never stopped EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD before -- and then says that he and Tami will figure out a suitable punishment for her together. He ends by saying that no matter what she does, he loves her, "and that will never change. Capiche?" Then Tami walks in with Gracie, and Eric greets her sunnily. He declares it "movie night." Julie says she rented Cinema Paradiso, but then Tami says that she thinks it's mama's choice: "Let's watch Foul Play again!" Omigod! Foul Play! With the albino and the midget and Goldie Hawn! Don't worry, those aren't spoilers because the movie is so delightfully demented, you won't ever make any sense of it anyway. Eric grabs Gracie and eats her tasty baby neck a bit. Julie gets the popcorn going, and it's a regular Taylor idyll!

Smash comes home sheepishly and offers his mother flowers. He tells her that he's going to TMU, and she looks at him and asks if that's really what he wants. He says it is, and she breaks into happy tears and hugs him close.

Jason Street? Did you crash your plane somewhere in the South Pacific?

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