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Jumping The Gun

Coach walks into the empty locker room; in another room Tim hears his clanging around and rouses himself, causing a towel he used as a pillow to fall to the ground. Eric is alerted and pushes open a door to find that Tim had spent the night there. He sternly informs the kid that he is not allowed to be in there after hours. He tells him to clear out. Tim takes it all silently.

Back at the Williamses', Smash is yelling at his sister for taking his phone. Corinna intervenes, asking whether "that little girlfriend" is the one telling him that "college kids" yell at their sisters. Heh. What a weird, passive-aggressive thing to say. Smash tells his mom not to start, a phrase which just starts her right the fuck up. She tells him that she's the one that took his phone, that he's been on it day and night and he needs to stop thinking about recruiting and get his mind back on school. Smash whines about verbal commitment; Corinna tells him that he needs to think the whole thing through before making any commitments. See right here? All this is just produced drama. Smash hasn't shown any real sign of committing too soon; he's being savvy, if not drawn to the good schools Corinna wishes he were. But he's not showing signs of acting rash. So we viewers have no real concern that he will act rash. And as far as the tension between him and his mom...what exactly is the problem? Noelle, for one, but for Smash and his mom to really have a good argument over her, Smash and Noelle would have to actually have a real relationship, which they don't. So instead we get Corinna yelling at Smash to not make any snap decisions, and then Smash...not appearing like he's going to make any snap decisions. There's just no narrative tension here.

At the Taylors', Shelly comes home. Tami is making dinner and notices that Shelly is wearing her shirt. Shelly admits that she is, and then tells Tami that it's too sexy a shirt for her to wear anyway: "You can't wear this to school! What about the boys and their hormones?" Tami does not appreciate the suggestion that she is not sexy, especially over there stirring the Hamburger Helper at the stove. Shelly opens a letter to find that she passed her real-estate exam. Tami and Julie shriek and hug; Eric just seems confused, but offers congratulations for Shelly passing a test, any test. Shelly tells them that she's going to take them all out to dinner to celebrate. Eric interrupts the celebration to tell Shelly that she's got to think about how she's going to jump-start her business; he offers to put her in touch with a lot of people in town to help her out, and Shelly really takes the gesture to heart. Eric continues saying that anything she needs at all, he'll help her out. Shelly looks genuinely touched. For a second. Before launching into a plan that she has to put in a second phone line in the Taylor household on which she can do all her cold-calling. She's looked into it, it'll only be nine dollars a month! Eric looks on in confusion. It dawns on him that she's not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. Tami smoothes things over by saying that's an option they can talk about and then ushering them all out the door to Applebee's.

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