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Jumping The Gun

Tim Riggins is back at The Playgirl Ranch! Wooo! There are unclaimed newspapers all over the yard and a "Delinquent" notice on the front door. Underscoring all the delinquency, Thurston Moore's "Frozen Guitar" moans in the background. Wait, except for how Thurston Moore like lives a totally upstanding (non-delinquent) life in Western Massachusetts these days. Tim walks into The Playgirl Ranch and looks around. No one is home and the house is a wreck.

At the grocery store, Corinna is fending off the advances of a recruiter who is trying to buy her groceries. So insulting. He gives her this smarmy, saccharine line about how being a single parent is hard and he was just making a friendly gesture. Corinna tries to wheel her cart away from him, but he follows. He starts talking about how Oklahoma Tech offers "relocation" for athlete's families. Corinna tells him to "relocate your butt up outta here." Hee. He continues to harass her; she continues to get more and more worked up. After he tells her that they'll get her a job at the local hospital -- with weekends off to watch Brian's games -- she snaps. She tells him that she doesn't know if he is the nicest person ever or Satan himself, and then demands to know what happens to the house, the job, and Smash's education when he gets hurt. In the meantime, Tami has appeared in the background. She calls over to Corinna, asking if everything is okay. Corinna goes mild for a second; Tami tells the man to step away. He starts to protest, but she gives him The Tami Taylor Eyes Of Righteousness: "Step away, sir. It's the right thing to do." He does, and then Tami quickly gives Corinna The Tami Taylor Eyes Of Rest Your Head On My Shoulder, Woman.

Julie waits for Coach outside; he comes out, and they start walking to the car. Tim passes by behind them, and Julie starts to stutter. Coach glances at him but pays no heed. Julie and Coach hop in the car, Julie still not saying anything to her father, who, I should point out, asks her if she learned anything today and she absentmindedly answers, "No." Maybe nothing real textbook-like, but I bet there's gonna be a lesson learned somewhere in this episode!

Corinna and Tami kvetch outside the grocery store. Corinna tells Tami that "that girl" has Smash's head going in every direction. Tami is somehow continuing to give Corinna The Eyes Of Female Sympathy through her aviator sunglasses. That is some powerful stuff she's got there. Corinna tells her that she raised her kids -- and Tami totally starts getting a little call-and-response with her murmured "yes"es and "mmm-hmmm"s. Corinna says that if Noelle turns Smash into a fast-talking, blinged-out prospect, he's only going to get chewed up and spat out. Tami tells Corinna that Smash is just trying to take responsibility for his future, the only way he knows how, and Corinna tears up over how hard it is letting him go. Tami reaches up and hugs her.

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Friday Night Lights




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