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Julie shows up at Tim's house (Kiss him, Jules! Kiss him! Kiss him! ...Wait, what? Did I just say that?). She is there to apologize for the other night and the fact that she hasn't corrected the conclusions Eric came to. Tim says it's okay, and then Julie thanks him for saving her from "that whole Riley thing. It...wouldn't...have...ended...good." Tim agrees, Julie nervously stutters some more and then leaves, Tim never once pointing out how selfish she's being.

On the football field, the boys are practicing. Panther Football Radio Greek-choruses that the game between Dillon and Larrabee on Friday will be even more of a rivalry than usual, given that the Lions have been camped out in Dillon, causing tempers to flare on both sides, "including a reported dust-up between Coach Taylor and Coach Dickies." Cut inside to Coach Dickie in his office. Eric looks across at him from his office and then goes on over to ask Dickie to get a beer with him. Dickie tells him he doesn't drink, but Eric realizes he just doesn't want to drink with him. Eric tells him that he knows times are tough, but...and Dickie interjects by making fun of Eric's platitude. He then says that he and his team will be moving into the girls' soccer locker room, and tells Eric to take his country charm on out of there and buy someone else a beer. Coach leaves in silence, his jaw tight.

Matt and Smash walk down the hallway. Matt asks Smash if TMU has talked to him yet; Smash says that they're playing hard to get, "but so am I, so, uh..." They get flagged down by the Genetically Modified (Not In A Good Way) Larrabee goofs. "Yo, what's up, Squash?" Chip calls out. Smash comes back with, "What, Chippendale?" Turns out that Chip is just wanting to gloat that he's given a verbal commitment to TMU. A crowd gathers around this awkward exchange -- the one in which Gaius Charles delivers his lines naturally while SquareHead SpongeMouth herky-jerks his way through his. Smash says he's got better things to do than TMU, and SquareHead replies by saying "Like what? You get the manager job at the Alamo Freeze?" The crowd ooohs at this presumed "burn," so Smash's hand is forced. He just licks his lips and says, "Alabama, baby," and the jeers turn to cheers. Chip wants to know if he gave the verbal, and Smash gets coy, saying that "it'll be the shot heard 'round the world." Or, at least, in the vicinity of the cafeteria, I suppose. Smash walks off, getting props from the other Dillon football players, while Matt innocently asks him whether he's sure he doesn't want to hold off and see what TMU might offer him. Again: for this storyline to have had any real narrative tension, I would have to have 1) been informed before this very second that TMU was the school of Smash's dreams, and then 2) been allowed a scene where some ambiguous information comes out regarding Smash's prospects with TMU.

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