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Jumping The Gun
Coach is working in the garage, on the ping-pong table, where he's got quite the whiteboard set-up going on. Tami comes storming in and rapid-fires a story about how she's coming in there to get paper towels to clean up the eggs the Shelly smashed all over the floor and then neglected to clean up. Eric rubs his forehead and snaps that maybe it's time for Shelly to fly the coop. Tami doesn't pay any mind to what he says and continues freaking out, saying that Shelly's driving her crazy by insisting that Tami should cut her hair short. Noooooooo! Now THAT would be the shot heard round the world! I would dive toward Tami Taylor in dramatic slow motion if I ever saw her walking toward a hair salon! Tami then switches the subject, telling Eric about how Corinna was being accosted by recruiters and how worried she was about Smash. Eric says there's nothing he can do about that; Tami suggests that he talk to Smash since he doesn't have a male role model in his life. Eric snaps that he'll get right on that, right after he figures out how to not get his ass handed to him in the game on Friday. Tami leans over to hug him just as Shelly's grating voice comes calling from the house, "Tami! Tami!" Eric: "Oh, God". Shelly opens the door to the garage and wonders if there's another hair dryer in the house; the one she was using just started pouring black smoke. Tami says no, and suggests Shelly go to the store for a new hair dryer and some eggs. Wow, I feel like I just recapped the most boring conversation I've ever had with my husband about where the new box of garbage bags is.

Tim is on the phone, trying to smooth things over with the bank over the late mortgage payments. He spots what's-her-face across the way packing up her car. And with that "what's-her-face," I think now is as good a time as any to say what I think has been wrong with the second season so far. All of our main teen characters -- whom we know and love -- have been cast to the wind, paired up with so many different what's-her-names or what's-his-names when they should be interacting with EACH OTHER. I don't care about Matt and Carlotta, or Tim and whoever, or Smash and Noelle. The best parts of this season have been when our characters interact with each other -- Julie and Tim's new weird relationship; Tyra and Lyla pairing up; Jason, Tim, and Lyla's Mexican Threesome. But as far as we know, this season, Matt and Landry have hardly talked to each other, nobody has seen Jason in months, and Lyla lives four towns over. End rant.

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