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Jumping The Gun
Tami is walking into her house when a cab pulls up out front, and Shelly walks out with her suitcase in tow. Shelly tells her sister that Eric asked her to leave and Tami covers her own ass, saying that Eric is just a grump this week and didn't mean it. Shelly continues leaving and Tami presses her to stay until Shelly says, tearfully, that she knows that Tami wants her out, too, but Tami couldn't tell her herself. Tami doesn't really have a response and she lets her sister go.

Coach Dickie is on a VERY SERIOUS PHONE CALL. "I understand," he says. Eric comes in and returns the playbook that Dickie apparently left on the field. Dickie bitches at Eric that "he's just a regular boy scout," and Eric pissily walks out, leaving us with a shot of Dickie, looking down and out. Oooh, I wonder if there is more than meets Eric's eye in the situation. I do wonder so.

Tim pulls up in his truck to find Billy sitting on the front lawn, saying he lost his keys. Tim tells his brother that he looks like crap, and heads inside.

Coach comes home to find an upset Tami wondering what happened between him and Shelly. He says he didn't kick her out, just asked her when she was leaving and that she inferred his meaning. Tami calmly says that she wishes he'd talked to her before he had the conversation. Coach calmly agrees. Then Tami calmly says that in the future, if there's any family member of hers that needs to be kicked out (hee), she'd like to do the kicking out. Coach calmly agrees. How exciting.

Billy and Tim make amends by sharing the sweet nectar of beer. Fuck breaking bread together, man. Billy explains to Tim what happened with his losing his job and Jackie bailing on him. They sit next to one another in their plaid-shirted brotherly glory. Billy turns to his brother and apologizes for getting together with Jackie, acknowledging how selfish it was. Tim accepts the apology and observes, "It's just us now." Then Tim worries over what they're going to do about the house; Billy exposits that they need to come up with two thousand dollars in two weeks. Well, get me some boiled peanuts and slap my grandma, cuz THAT sounds like some hijinks, finally!

Before the football game, Eric approaches Tami in their bedroom and apologizes for flying off the handle with Shelly. Tami is not too angry and just says that there's nothing she hates more in the world than hurting her sister. She admits that Shelly was there for a long time, and that it will be nice to have the house back to themselves, as a family. Then she says the thing she's really worried about is what they'll do with Gracie while they're at work. Coach leans in to kiss his wife and says, "That is not our burden, that is our gift." He gathers his things and is heading out the door to the game when Julie runs up to him and says she has to talk to him right now. She appears to be wearing a Prink sweatshirt -- preferred hoodie of Britney Spears -- so you know she won't come off smelling like roses here. Probably more like Cheetos and stale gum. So Julie confesses that she got drunk the other night, and that what Tim was doing was saving her from getting in trouble with this guy Riley; Tim put a stop to it and brought her home. Coach just hangs fire and says, "Damn, Julie. Damn." And then walks out the door.

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