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Jumping The Gun

Tim is knocking on the door of Ferret Guy's house, with Billy behind him. They walk in, and Tim runs upstairs to get his stuff; on the way down the stairs he knocks Ferret Guy's gun off a ledge. Billy just wants to get out of there but Tim says he has to put the gun back where he found it. While reaching under a side table for the gun, Tim sees a wad of cash and shows it to Billy. Billy really just wants to go now, but Tim says, "Billy, this is our mortgage." They quickly shove the money in a bag and hightail it out of there, Tim sort of gleefully chuckling, "Billy, that's a good chunk of change!" Why do I love it so much when Tim acts dishonorably? I love it so much that not only is he stealing the money, he's giggling about it.

Tami and Shelly meet at a diner. In a nice little detail, Tami is wearing the shirt Shelly said was too sexy for her now that she had Gracie. Tami lays a newspaper on the table and tells Shelly that there are a number of cute places in the real-estate section Shelly should look at. Shelly interrupts and says that she's not staying in Dillon; she's moving to Dallas. Tami asks why, and Shelly says it's because she's driving Tami crazy. Tami protests, weakly, until admitting to Shelly that it will be good for her and Eric to have some privacy again -- but she still doesn't want her sister to move to Dallas. Shelly says she won't get her life together if she stays in Dillon. Tami tears up and says how much she'll miss her and thanks her sincerely for her help. Shelly thanks her sister for asking her for help, and then I thank everyone involved for saying thank you and making up and getting us one scene closer to the end of this episode.

Tim is rubbing his hands together in glee over the extra thousand dollars they got in their escapade. Billy is not so happy-go-lucky, and suggests that they need to be worried about having stolen three thousand dollars from the biggest drug dealer in Dillon. Tim assures him that Ferret Guy is probably so high, he doesn't notice it's gone. Has this child really never seen Scarface or New Jack City? They always notice. And just as Tim finishes saying that, there comes a knock at the door, and both brothers pee their pants a tiny bit. Tim peers out the window and, totally relieved, observes that it's just Coach outside. Coach asks Tim to come outside for a second. Eric has got one full head of Crow-Eating Hair, done up Weekend-Style. He tells Tim that he realizes now that he jumped to conclusions the other night: "I apologize, I was wrong." Tim says it's okay, but Eric says that it is not okay. Coach continues, complimenting Tim on how he hasn't once complained about the hazing Coach has been subjecting him to, then protecting his daughter and not letting him think badly of her and still not ever complaining. "Not as a coach, but as a father, you realize what an honorable thing that is? That is very honorable." Coach turns to leave, and Tim furrows his brow.

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