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A Locker Room of One's Own
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Vince and Jess canoodle youthfully and only partially-clothedly in bed at her house. Vince complains that he never sees her anymore and she reminds him that she sees him all the time, in the locker room, during fifth period, until her little brothers and friend show up at the bedroom window making googly eyes and noises at them. Vince runs outside to wrestle them to the ground.

At the Playgirl Ranch, Mindy goes for it while Kinect exercising when Becky comes in to ask a question. And, lord, this scene really punctures my own delusions of youthful appearance because the difference between Madison Burge's burnished buoyancy and Stacy Oristano's sad tiredness is just crazily apparent here. Mindy bends over, in pain from her workout, as Becky rattles on, asking permission to have some girls come over and talk about decorations for the upcoming dance. Mindy initially snarks, "When is your mom coming home from that casino boat?" but quickly comes around and tells Becky that it's fine, just no freakin' slumber parties. She gets back to her workout as Becky grins, tells her that she's looking good.

Buddy drives Buddy, Jr. from the airport. The kid is sullen and, frankly frightening. Buddy tries to bond over how crappy "chick flicks" are, then nudges him to come along to get something to eat. Buddy, Jr. speaks in grunts until he mentions "seitan," which he begs Buddy to not introduce into their diet. Buddy has no idea what seitan (he pronounces it "satan") is, and Buddy, Jr. explains that his stepdad, Rice Dream, thinks that it's "nature's meat." Buddy pauses a moment and notes quizzically, "Well nature already has meat. It's called a cow." For one brief half second, they bond. But then they drive past Buddy's former car dealership and Buddy, Jr. harshly notes that it's like "the saddest place in the world. You can't make anything in your life work, can you?"

Son Volt's "When the Wheels Don't Move" takes us over to the football field, where scouts have arrived and seem to have their eye on Luke in particular. Coach calls Luke over and introduces him to the coach from TMU, who praises him and asks if he'd like to come over to TMU and get a tour. Luke beams. Practice resumes and Coach notices a man in the stands watching Vince. He calls the kid over and asks who it is, and Vince tells him: it's his father. Coach asks to be introduced but Vince demurs, "How 'bout I don't, Coach?"

Credits. Buddy walks his son into East Dillon. Buddy, Jr., played by Jeff Rosick, is somewhat thick and quite squareheaded. He wears long jean shorts, shuffles around in flip-flops and has a baseball cap with a flat bill cocked on his head, earbuds firmly in his ears. Junior snarks about the school being "ghetto" when Tami comes up to greet them. The camera, following Junior's gaze, pans down to Tami's chest in a v-neck orange t-shirt. She greets him sweetly but quickly takes his number and holds the folders she has in her arms up against her chest. Buddy suggests his son take his hat off, which he does, but then he snarks to her about whether or not they do "shock treatments" there. Tami kind of laughs in response, but not very wholeheartedly, and Buddy asks his son to apologize to her, which he does. She asks to take him to the office and get him all set up with his schedule and such, but he just says he's got it and saunters off down the hallway. Tami, in mom code: "You must be thrilled." Buddy: "Yep, that's one word for it."

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